BREAKING: SWAT Deputies Shot, Barricade Situation Underway


A shooting incident involving two Franklin County Sherriff’s Office SWAT deputies went down in Ohio on Tuesday morning.

Deputies Down After Warrant Serving Gone Wrong

Officer Marc Gofstein revealed that the officers were shot at approximately 8 a.m. while law enforcement and SWAT were attempting to serve a probate warrant. 

Multiple shots were fired at Columbus Police officers as well as SWAT deputies while trying to serve a warrant, according to Chief Deputy Jim Gilbert. Ultimately, officers were forced to return fire.

WKBN First News reports that the sheriff’s office confirms a barricade scenario is currently happening and the suspect is still unapprehended.

Shelter in Place While Suspect Still Unapprehended

A shelter in place has been issued to the surrounding areas and nearby residents have been asked not to leave their homes.

NBC4 news crews released information they gathered while on scene and report that the two wounded deputies were escorted to Riverside Hospital.

They received non-life-threatening injuries during the incident and were shot in their legs.

People are being advised to avoid the 2700 block of Bealuh Rd. as well as surrounding areas.

Another Ohio Officer Shot Today

This morning, a 26-year old officer was also shot in Ohio in the Cleveland area. The shooting took place around 4 a.m. in the city’s Fairfax neighborhood. The deputy is reported to be “okay,” which was the response from Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Jeff Follmer in a text message to

“The officer is doing better,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said. “She’s in stable condition and is doing better but has a long way to go.”

A 911 call was placed by a woman claiming a middle-aged man threatened her with a gun and then subsequently fired bullets through the floor. The woman did not sustain injuries.

The now injured officer and her partner entered the residence and the man shot at them when they opened the bathroom door. At least one of the officers returned fire, according to the police chief. The 42-year-old shooter was not shot.

Gun Violence Wreaks Havoc on State

The officer was shot in the arm and taken to the University Hospital.

“Once again, senseless gun violence has no place in this community,” Cleveland Ward 6 City Councilman Blaine Griffin said in a statement. “It is imperative that this individual is held accountable for his actions. If he needs some help because he is in crisis, I hope he gets it.”

The investigations are still occurring for the two separate shootings that occurred in Ohio in the early Monday morning hours.


  1. Is it time yet … when will the law step up and take control once and for all . If it comes down to killing them on site … then so be it . Enough is enough , time to put this BS to rest . Then arrest the delusional democrats that let this happen in their states and citys . They are the enemy of our country now by their own choice

  2. ‘Gun Violence’ has no place in his City. Any other kind is just fine. People beaten to death? So?
    People hacked to death? Meh.
    Strangled? Oh, well.
    Selective Outrage.

  3. Stupid person who fired shots at police and needs to be arrested ASAP. What I’d like to know is was he drunk, high on drugs, taking those wonderful mental drugs that turn you into phycos or just plain angry idiot.


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