Breaking: Shots Ring Out at Massive Mansion Party, Several Injured and 1 Dead


Parties in Los Angeles aren’t declared a social-success these days unless there are shots fired. A massive BLM tribal gathering and radical rave was held in a posh Beverly Crest mansion Monday night which left one woman dead, and at least three others wounded. Welcome to anarchy.

Settle your differences with pistol shots

Up and down the wild-wild west coast, Black Lives Matter anarchists have declared law enforcement a thing of the past. Wealthy anarchists in Beverly Crest, California tossed the rule book out the door Monday night. Details are sketchy as the story is still developing, but apparently members of rival gangs got a little too close together and settled the social-distancing dispute with pistol shots. “Authorities told FOX 11 that the shooting appeared to be gang-related.”

Ignoring all the Covid-19 distancing rules was only the beginning for this meeting of the elite chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Police were back and forth all night long to politely ask them to stop disturbing the peace. The Los Angeles Police Department stated, for the record, “Police received at least five calls from residents who reported instances of disturbing the peace in the neighborhood beginning about 6:30 p.m. Monday.” That was before the shots were fired, while they still had a chance to prevent it.

When officers arrived, they discovered, “a large party taking place at a three-story home with about 200 people attending.” The party had both a DJ and a food truck. Officers sniffed the food truck for donuts and “enforced traffic and parking violations, but did not enforce the county’s health order banning large gatherings.” Black people are automatically exempt from quarantine rules so they can continue to freely riot, burn, and loot. They came back again after reports of shots fired.

Violence on Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive runs north of Beverly Hills and loosely follows the ridgeline of the eastern Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood Hills. It’s been featured in “a significant number of movies, songs, and novels.” News reports too. When the shots fired reports came in, “firefighters and paramedics responded.” Police were already there directing traffic.

Paramedics quickly located three adult gun shot victims. Two were “treated at the scene, then taken to a hospital” in critical condition. One woman wasn’t so fortunate. She was “listed in grave condition was later pronounced dead.”

As the shots were flying around, there were other victims too, but not all of them stuck around at the scene. “A fourth person was found nearby with an injury to his wrist” but it wasn’t caused by gunfire. “A fifth victim transported themselves to the hospital with a gunshot wound in an unknown condition.”


  1. Well thats the first I heard of black people being exempt — ( Black people are automatically exempt from quarantine rules so they can continue to freely riot, burn, and loot. They came back again after reports of shots fired.)

    Where did they get this information and who told them this? Greg Newsome? Al Sharpton?

    It’s no wonder there are “HOT SPOTS” popping up all over certain areas of the country. There’s rioting and looting in Oregon, Seattle and California, parts of Az and other places coming east. Everyone should know that the winds blow from the west coast to the center of the country and landing on the entire east coast! So no wonder we have hot spots and no wonder we will continue to be on lock down. These thugs are keeping this shit alive. What a bunch of evil evil thug marxists.

  2. I can’t wait until the leftist mob thinks it’s time to leave downtown and burn the suburbs down. They will get a free pass straight to the coroner’s office.

  3. Black lives only matter when a black is shot by a white person.
    Blacks shoot other blacks every day and the news media ignores most of the shootings.
    I am all for reparations giving them all a gallon of whiskey two pistols and a 1000 cartridges.

  4. Another case of the BLM proving how much black lives matter to them and other blacks. Seems it is never ending and in their desire to prove to the world how much they care and promote black lives mattering they have gone across the nation looting, burning black businesses, shooting blacks and screaming how much black lives matter to them. They need to tell that 8 year old girls parents, you know the one they turned into a shooting fatality. They are a joke and nothing more than a tool the liberal democrats are using in hopes of promoting the democratic party by using their violence against Trump. Stupidly the democrats, as usual, do not realize the people are not stupid and see who is encouraging and endorsing the terrorist destroying our cities.

  5. Too bad it wasn’t a massive explosion like that in Beirut, take out the whole sorry mess of these scumbags.

  6. Aw-w-w! How nice! Black Lives Matter THUGS killing off each other! Apparently black lives don’t matter. Oh, but wait, I forgot that most Black Lives Matter THUGS are WHITE COMMUNISTS. Never mind. Just let them kill themselves and do the planet a favor. Now if they would just start doing this in Silicon Valley .


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