Breaking: Several Injured after Man Opens Fire then Plows Truck into Building


Several people in the Georgia suburb of Hiram were injured, some seriously, when insanely furious Eduardo Morales intentionally plowed his truck into a restaurant after “firing a gun at patrons.” The wounded customers fought back and detained Morales until police arrived.

Assault with a Dodge truck

A hail of gunfire and a Dodge truck bulldozing through the front doors weren’t scheduled as part of the Saturday night concert at 278 South Bar & Grill. Because police aren’t allowed to actually enforce laws anymore, when criminals accidentally get arrested they’re generally back on the street for the evening riot with no further consequences.

For more than a year now, trouble-making anarchists have been told they can do as they please as long as they aren’t White. White people on the other hand need to stay home in lockdown and hand over anything anyone from BLM asks for.

The owner of the suburban Atlanta club confirmed to the press that a man, later identified as 34-year-old Eduardo Morales, “drove his truck through the front entrance of the building during a concert.” Images are already swirling around social media that show “a black vehicle with what appear to be bullet holes in the windshield.”

It is sitting “inside the building, which is heavily damaged.” Morales won’t be out anytime soon but nobody is surprised that he thought he could get away with a murderous temper tantrum. There are many more unstable people who don’t get the help they need out there and liberals like it that way.

According to Hiram police, “Morales was heavily intoxicated and asked to leave the bar.” He did, but returned with his suburban assault vehicle. “He left the club but came back in his black Dodge Ram 2500.” That’s when he started blasting.


The domestic terrorist “then started firing a gun through the window. Once the clip was empty, Morales drove the truck into the bar through the front doors, hitting numerous patrons.” He tried to back out and escape but the Dodge was jammed with debris and wouldn’t move.

Heroic patrons

The club’s owner was sure to point out that “some heroic patrons were able to wrestle a gun out of the man’s hands when he tried to reload. They detained him until police arrived.”

One of the defenders already had two broken legs. The security guard was one of the injured and he told local news outlets that “one woman’s legs were crushed under the truck and another woman sustained a head injury from a fallen beam. Another man who helped wrestle the gun away from Morales had broken legs. Many other patrons sustained minor injuries. All are expected to survive.”

Morales allegedly “suffered minor injuries while patrons were holding him.” Those patrons insist they were injuries he got in the crash, they didn’t beat him up. They would never do that. He was hauled off to Paulding Wellstar Hospital for a checkup, then moved to the Paulding County jail.

Ydon Gerneus was in the club and saw most of what happened before the assault truck arrived. “The bouncer pulled Morales out of the bar after he smashed two bottles together when he was denied service.”

Gerneus thought that was the end of it. “Twenty minutes later, we heard two gunshots. Me and my partner fell to the floor. All you hear is glass breaking and people screaming and the car comes in through the front door.” After that, “he helped pull people out from under the truck and under collapsed parts of the ceiling.” The owner is still “trying to process all this.” They closed for cleanup and issued a statement.

“Our hearts are broken over the events of last night. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. We’ve always put our customer’s safety first and foremost and we are devastated. We like to believe most people are good and it showed last night. Many are heroes for their bravery and possibly stopping a situation that could have escalated even further. We will forever be grateful for these heroes. Thank you all for the calls, texts and support.”