Breaking: Police Officer AMBUSHED

Police Officer AMBUSHED

A Jacksonville, Florida police officer was ambushed after responding to a call of shots fired in the Brooklyn section of the city.

According to reporting by WJAX-TV, the officer chose to respond to the call alone because he “didn’t want to wait” while there was an active shooter or shots fired situation.

When this brave officer arrived on the scene, he came across a crowd gathering near a parking garage. When he attempted to arrest one of the suspects, the man resisted arrest. As he was continuing to attempt the arrest, a woman rushed in and knocked him to the ground.

According to Steve Zona, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police, the officer was “fine” and the arrest was successful, but it could have been much worse.

“Every police officer sees what’s going on around the country,” Zona said.

“And you know, it’s not if it’s gonna happen, it’s when it’s gonna happen,” he added. “And we just got a little taste of that where you’re alone by yourself trying to do good things for the community and it results in somebody attacking you, and now you’re surrounded.”

“We’re just thankful nobody else in that crowd joined in and attacked our police officer, but we’re also disappointed that they didn’t help,” Zona continued.


The incident was caught on video and shared on Twitter, though the Sheriff’s Office still has not confirmed the authenticity of the video.

“Jacksonville Sheriff Officer got jumped last night & no one was shot,” the video’s caption read.

Near the end of the video, the man holding the camera can be heard saying, “They beat his a** and I recorded it,” followed by laughter.

So much for the left’s narrative that police are hunting black people. Most people in the officer’s situation would have used a taser, or at least pepper spray, to stop the crowd from attacking. Instead, he remained calm and professional despite being ambushed.

“I would have put my back against the wall and kept them off of me whether it be with a taser, pepper spray,” said Kim Varner, a former officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

“Whatever method I had to use — kept them off me until some backup arrived,” she added.

If he had shot and killed one of these attackers, which likely would have been a justified shooting in fear of losing his life, the left would have made the dead criminal a martyr. If the left wasn’t hypocritical, they would be celebrating this heroic officer for not using force.

Luckily, the officer was not severely injured, but this is the unfortunate reality of what police officers face on a daily basis.


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