Breaking News: Watch As Joe Biden Falls All the Way UP The Stairs of Air Force 1…Once, Twice, Three Times!

Joe falls all over the place

Video was just released of Joe Biden literally falling up the stairs once, twice, and three times while attempting to climb inside Air Force 1.

Starting back in the early stages of the 2020 Presidential race, strong critics of Joe Biden, and conservative circles have questioned Joe’s mental status and his ability to complete a full sentence.

Some have even questioned if the deep state plans to remove Joe and place Kamala in power.

They wanted someone killed quietly on an airplane. “I was given a substance called [deleted] a liquid that penetrates, the skin and carries with it anything you mix in.” He mixed in some snake venom and invented the felt tip pen.
“There’s another snake called the boomslang that I finally settled on, because the symptoms are very subtle. It causes internal bleeding and can take days to finally kill you. It would be hard to tell what had happened to you. And I took a ball point pen, substituted a wick for the refill, soaked it with the liquid and mixed in some ink. I actually invented the felt tip pen, but it never occurred to me to patent it. Anyway, you could just touch. someone with this and that was it.” When his contact seemed happy with the assassination tools, he asked, “I trust you tested them in house. No reaction.”
Another target needed to die in exactly eight minutes behind the wheel of his jaguar. He mixed some poison up with the magic liquid and painted it on the guys steering wheel.
To get the assassination right, “I had to know a lot — body weight, was he right handed, that sort of thing. They eventually brought me the steering wheel from a Jaguar and a photograph of the man driving which was just his hands on the wheel.” Playboy interview in the 1970’s allegedly of Barry Rothman

For that full story and more deep state things check here

Not long ago Joe injured himself while playing with his dog, then magically healed in a day and the MSM began running fluff pieces on the color of his socks.

“What happened was I got out of the shower. I got a dog and anybody who’s been around my house knows — dropped, little pup dropped a ball in front of me. And for me to grab the ball,” Joe Biden

This newest situation is sure to circulate around the world faster than the speed of sound.

In the past week several U.S. enemies ( Iran, Russia, N. Korea, and CHINA) have vocally demolished Biden and his team.

The video of Biden falling up the stairs is vaguely reminiscent of some of our favorite videos of Hillary stumbling up and down stairs during her deep state globe trotting campaigns.

Wait there is more…

Another great video to remind every one out there that slopes can get awfully slippery (all puns intended here)

Don Jr happily jumped on twitter to show off the newly elected Democrat leader showing off his stair climbing skills

Let us not forget this one as well

Check back for updates on this, as more video bloopers emerge and the MSM attempts to spin some ‘windy situation’ narrative.









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