Breaking News: Police Officers AMBUSHED With Gunfire

Police Officers AMBUSHED With Gunfire

During a chaotic night of “unruly crowds,” police officers responded to a location in North Philadelphia and were ambushed with gunfire.

After responding to a call in the North Philadelphia area to break up a massive party, police became the target of gunfire.

According to reporting by The Western Journal, as officers were dealing with “unruly crowds numbering in the hundreds,” a 19 year old man was shot at least twice, with one bullet hitting him in the chest.

As officers were putting the victim into a police vehicle to bring him to a hospital, gunfire rang out, with multiple shots aimed at the police.

Officers recovered two handguns at the scene, but were unable to find the shooter. No officers were injured in the gunfire.

The shooting victim was brought to Temple University Hospital, where he is currently listed in stable condition.

That wasn’t the only violence taking place in the city that night, as violent crime has been skyrocketing in major cities like Philadelphia in the past year.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, at least 20 people were shot in the city this past weekend.

One man was shot and killed in the city’s Kensington neighborhood at around 12:30 a.m., just hours after the police officers were ambushed. Another shooting took place a few hours later at 3 a.m., this time the victim was a 15 year old in the Germantown neighborhood.

So far in 2021, approximately 1,700 people have been shot in Philadelphia, and 264 people have been killed.

Citizens of Philadelphia are speaking out about the spike in crime.

Carl Day, the pastor at Culture Changing Christians Worship Center, spoke with local news outlet WPVI-TV about the issue, stating: “It’s flat-out disgusting. We’ve reached a level where we got to get really back to the origins of the community. We need community accountability, culture accountability.”

“A lot of these are broken people making broken decisions. It’s like quite frankly it’s just not an easy fix, you got to really build relationships with these guys and transform how they think,” he added.