Breaking News on Maricopa County

Breaking News on Maricopa County

Attorney Matthew DePerno appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast to deliver some breaking news regarding the election audit in Arizona, as well as other election news from Michigan and Georgia.

“In Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona — in all of them — we have found anonymous user remote access log-ons that have elevated privileges in the election management system,” the attorney began. “Which means, anyone who does that through a remote logon with elevated privileges can access the actual database and change results. So that’s pretty significant that we found it in three states now. It is a pattern, and it is significant.”

“The other thing that we just did this weekend is, we launched a new website called EIFFTAR — Election Integrity Funds For The American Republic — and we’re devoting our attention through that fund to raise money for the Arizona audit,” DePerno added.

“And the third thing — no one else has heard this before — but I was coming back from Arizona yesterday on a plane, and was notified that our team also discovered the following: that Maricopa County and the secretary of state in Arizona have known for quite some time — since November 3rd — that there was a security breach of the voter registration servers. And they have hid this from the American public,” he continued.

“There was a security breach of the voter registration servers in Arizona on November 3rd. Secretary of State has known about this, they have hidden it. They have not revealed it to the American people. Maricopa County has also known about it,” DePerno said.

“We know this because we now have learned that voters in Arizona actually received some notification individually that some of their data had been breached,” he added, noting that he will be releasing the data and evidence to support his claims in the coming days.