Breaking News: HUGE AG Barr Announcement

Breaking News: HUGE AG Barr Announcement

AG William Barr has announced that he has authorized federal prosecutors to pursue “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities in the 2020 election prior to the results being certified.

Attorney General Barr’s memo, sent to U.S. attorneys and other federal law enforcement officials, praised the “strength of our democracy as more than 140 million Americans cast ballots to select their leaders.”

Now that voting has ended, AG Barr stated that it was “imperative that the American people can trust that our elections were conducted in such a way that the outcomes accurately reflect the will of the voters.” Barr also said that the Justice Department had an obligation to ensure federal elections were conducted in a manner that gives voters “full confidence in their electoral process and their government.”

AG Barr’s memo continued:

“The Department’s general policies with regard to election fraud investigations are contained in the Justice Manual. Those policies require, among other things, consultation with the Public Integrity Section’s Election Crimes Branch (“ECB”) in some instances. Those policies already allow preliminary inquiries, including witness interviews, to be conducted without ECB consultation. In instances in which they are consulted, the ECB’s general practice has been to counsel that overt investigative steps ordinarily should not be taken until the election in question has been concluded, its results certified, and all recounts and election contests concluded. Such a passive and delayed enforcement approach can result in situations in which election misconduct cannot realistically be rectified. Moreover, this ECB practice has never been a hard and fast rule, and case-specific determinations and judgments must be made. While most allegations of purported election misconduct are of such a scale that they would not impact the outcome of an election and, thus, investigation can appropriately be deferred, that is not always the case. Furthermore, any concerns that overt actions taken by the Department could inadvertently impact an election are greatly minimized, if they exist al all, once voting bas concluded, even if election certification has not yet been completed.

Given this, and given that voting in our current elections has now concluded, I authorize you to pursue substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections in your jurisdictions in certain cases, as I have already done in specific instances. Such inquiries and reviews may be conducted if there are clear and apparently-credible allegations of irregularities that, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual State. Any investigation of claims of irregularities that, if true, would clearly not impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual State should normally be deferred until after the election certification process is completed. While U.S. Attorneys maintain their inherent authority to conduct inquiries and investigations as they deem appropriate, it will likely be prudent to commence any election-related matters as a preliminary inquiry, so as to assess whether available evidence warrants further investigative steps.

While it is imperative that credible allegations be addressed in a timely and effective manner, it is equally imperative that Department personnel exercise appropriate caution and maintain the Department’s absolute commitment to fairness, neutrality and non-partisanship. You are the most senior leaders in the United States Department of Justice and I trust you to exercise great care and judgment in addressing allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities. While serious allegations should be handled with great care, specious, speculative, fanciful or far-fetched claims should not be a basis for initiating federal inquiries. Nothing here should be taken as any indication that the Department has concluded that voting irregularities have impacted the outcome of any election. Rather, I provide this authority and guidance to emphasize the need to timely and appropriately address allegations of voting irregularities so that all of the American people, regardless of their preferred candidate or party, can have full confidence in the results of our elections. The American people and the leaders they freely elect deserve nothing less.”

An Obama appointee in the Department of Justice, Director of the DOJ Election Crimes Unit Richard Piljer, immediately resigned after AG Barr’s announcement, adding him to the long list of Democrats throwing temper tantrums over the actions of the Trump administration.


  1. The only reason Pilger has resigned is he is up to his neck in the fraud. Otherwise why would he pretend he is upset? He like WRAY and Haspel should take the hint, their time is up and hiding behind the excuse the Biden disc is still under investigation is total LIES and BS. He is a friend to the DEMOCRATS and has put the law on merely partisan basis and should GO or be arrested.

  2. MINE and my wife’s vote were DELETED!!
    I am NOT happy and NOTHING is being done about it either!
    and NOTHING will happen.
    BARR is a RINO. I don’t see any action.
    total LAWLESSNESS!

  3. Richard Piljer was never Director of the DOJ Election Crimes Unit. He was not appointed by a President, but by the queer bastard communist Quisling pretender Barack Hussein Obama II d.o.b. 4 August 1961.

  4. The phrase “better late than never” springs to mind! Although it would have been better if this had been dealt with BEFORE the election!!!!

  5. Barr needs to insure not only that the Election is LEGALLY conducted throughout all it’s parts but afterwards that he a x those who did the investigations are protected if the Democraps CHEATING is tossed and Pedo Joe and the Ho lose. America must be ready because the WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERALS will RIOT worse than they have been if The Election does not go their way.

  6. Certainly hope he (and the investigators sent) are serious and not part of the cover up. We were told to be patient about the Russia collusion investigation law breaking that went on, and here we are after the election and still waiting. Patience is wearing thin.

  7. If your saying that the voting was fair and square … your full of crap . You said every voter knew it was a fair election … once again your full of crap . I as a voter know there was so much voter fraud . Both perverted old joe and turkey neck Nancy said they will do what ever it takes to win and cheating is one of them . Didn’t perverted old joe said the delusional democrats have the best voting fraud game in our government … and it shows . To bad no one belives you , well not the people with any kind of brains dont . Only the dumb ass snowflakes belive you cause they don’t want to lose their welfare freebies . They never bite the hand that feeds them . It’s the only way old joe can get votes. You think the snowflakes would let the delusional democrats burn , loot and kill their kids if they didn’t give them welfare freebies . Their kids mean nothing to them , Only the Free stuff they get because they have so many kids . To them they say some must die for the cause … what cause .. the one cause your to lazy to get off your fat lazy ass and work for a living ??? Cause your 5 baby’s daddys didn’t stick around and help you . Or cause the drugs keep you down ??? How about cause you want to stand on your own like a grown up and take care of your BS .and think like a free mined person for once in your life . Try it you might like it . I always said the government should have everyone serve 2 years in the armed forces 19 – 21 .that would turn the dumb ass kids into productive adults after getting out and give them some pride in their life’s . Then they would understand the pride us vet’s feel about serving for our country , family’s and friends and what that still means to us . If you can’t be honest in life what do you have left ??? You will only have the delusional democrats and that I’ll pass on . perverted old joe will never be my president … not even if he won fairly , but that will never happen .


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