Breaking News: Former President Hospitalized

Former Presidents

The oldest living president has once again found himself with health concerns.

Former President Jimmy Carter, 95, fell again at his Georgia home and has been hospitalized due to injuries from the fall.

Another Fall

It was just several weeks ago when Carter took a nasty fall that required stitches.

The 95-year-old president did not allow that fall, however, to deter him from his appearances.

Carter showed up at a Habitat for Humanity event with a black eye and bandages to offer his support.

This time, however, Carter’s injuries seem to be a bit more severe.

After the fall, Carter was admitted to the Phoebe Sumter Medical Center and is being treated for a “minor pelvic fracture.”

Rash of Injuries

The latest rash of injuries for the former president is concerning due to his age.

This is now the third time he has fallen in a relatively short time period and he has had other recent health concerns.

Earlier this year, Carter took his first fall, breaking a hip that required replacement surgery.

Carter was headed out for a turkey hunt when the injury occurred.

Then, as mentioned above, Carter fell earlier his month requiring stitches.

Now, he has taken this fall, resulting in more injuries.

Sadly, this is a cause of death for our elderly far too often, as these falls often cause injuries that send an elderly person’s health into a tailspin.

Hopefully, that will not be the case for President Carter, as he still has plenty of work left to do for Habitat for Humanity.

Get well soon, Mr. President.


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