Breaking News: ATF Raid

ATF raid

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), along with Philadelphia Police, have raided a home in North Philadelphia, finding hundreds of explosives.

David Perez, 36, was arrested and is in federal custody after police found an explosive lab in his home which has been connected to ATM explosions around the city of Philadelphia.

Perez will be appearing at a hearing on June 8 to determine whether he is a danger to society after his arrest. It is likely that he will remain in federal custody.

Agents found hundreds of M-1000’s in the home. Authorities are still working to determine how many of the explosives that Perez allegedly manufactured were sold to others.

He is accused of having an explosive lab inside of his home. According to officials, neither his mother nor grandmother, who both lived with him, knew what he was allegedly working on in the lab.

Perez’s grandmother spoke with FOX 29 about the raid and her shock over her grandson’s actions, noting that police seized a gun, powder, and several other items from the home.



According to the ATF, the sheer amount of explosives that Perez had inside his home could have posed a significant threat to the other homes in the area.

Police are hoping that Perez will cooperate and reveal who he sold the explosives to, as they have been linked to several ATM explosions throughout the city.


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