Breaking News: Antifa Attempts to Murder Proud Boy Member


Antifa inspired anarchists tried to murder a Proud Boys leader in a wild-west style shooting. It happened in Olympia, Washington on Saturday. Thankfully “Tiny” Toese was only shot in the foot. The anarchists are already telling everyone there not to share any video footage of what happened because they have their own false narrative already cooked up. The last thing they want is to prove themselves wrong on social media for all the world to see.

On the Antifa hit list

The Antifa irregular who allegedly fired the shot would have a slight chance at claiming self-defense, considering he was part of a mob being chased down the street by the Proud Boys. Instead, The official story being pushed around left-wing social media is that Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, a Samoan “who stands six-feet-three-inches tall and weighs more than 300 pounds,” shot himself in the foot.

An unidentified suspect and several shell casings are in custody. It’s unlikely that Toese shot at himself repeatedly as he “ran down the streets of Olympia, chanting ‘F— Antifa.'”

Reports started flying thick and fast on Twitter, with a video documenting the “sound of multiple gunshots” and a voice yelling “someone got shot in the leg.” The “someone” turned out to be the controversial Proud Boys leader.

Jeremy Lee Quinn posted tweets from the scene which “show the Proud Boys protester writhing in pain as he lay on the ground after being shot in the leg” by Antifa. Well, in the foot. “Fellow protesters offered assistance and can be seen taking off Toese’s shoe as he lay on the sidewalk writhing in pain.”


“Protesters allegedly began searching for shell casings at the bus stop next to where the shooting occurred as paramedics arrived. Local police taped off the area.” Everybody knew the anti-vaccine mandate protest would spark another battle.

Antifa all came well prepared in their official Black Lives Matter™ Blac bloc battle armor. Quinn confirmed with his tweets that when he arrived at the “bus depot shooting scene,” the victim had been shot in the foot or ankle and there were “at least 8 yellow PD evidence markers down.”

Anarchists in retreat

The law-defying irregulars appeared ready for action and assembled within a block of where the Proud Boys were protesting the governor’s heavy handed mask and vaccine mandates. The right wingers decided to chase them away.

Quinn captured the chaotic moments, “filming here along side the Antifa Black Bloc after they retreat .8 miles, only coming within 1 block of the Capitol. PB marched across town to them. At :43 they go into an all out charge pursuing some into an alley and down by the bus depot.”

Tiny was allegedly on an liberal hit list. To distract from that, Andy Ngo points out, anarchist rabble rouser “Melissa Lewis urges whoever recorded yesterday’s antifa shooting of Tusitala Toese in Olympia not release it.”

According to Ngo, she “references Michael Reinoehl,” he’s the Portland anarchist who murdered a man last year. Ngo notes that the day before, local organizers “had spread disinformation Toese shot himself.” That’s not what the witnesses who were there are saying.

“Video before the shooting showed the event’s right-wing security going toe-to-toe” with the troublemakers before the shots were fired. “Witnesses and streamers claimed that Antifa shot at them while they were running and then fled on a bus.” One person allegedly witnessed the actual shooting.

He says the retreating anarchist “fired his gun while trying to escape the Proud Boys after being pushed to the ground.” As the report notes: “This dude claims he was assaulting the black bloc who opened fire in Olympia today.” Allegedly, he “fell into the bush after I battle rammed him. And then he got up. It appears shooter fired to make his escape after being assaulted.”