Breaking News: 132,000 Ballots Likely Ineligible… Could Change Entire Situation


Serious red flags were raised, calling somewhere around 132,000 ballots from a furiously contested battleground state into question. Each and every one were probably counted anyway. Fraudulently. This could change the whole situation.

You can’t count illegal ballots

Joe Biden allegedly leads in the state of Georgia, but only by a razor thin margin of 10,000 ballots. According to Kyle Becker, thirteen times that number votes were cast by people who are “highly likely ineligible to vote,” because they “have moved.”

Becker relays freshly released and still developing reports, by Peoples_Pundit, that 132,000 “Change of Address” codes raised official “red flags” in Fulton County, Georgia. The bottom line is that the outcome of the state’s election could be wrong. Biden only chalked up 10,000 votes more than Trump there, so invalidating these ballots could easily flip the state back in favor of the incumbent.

Not only is this a serious game-changer in Georgia, it also shows how widespread the election fraud was nationwide. Every day, more and more evidence is surfacing to prove that this election was heavily rigged. Ballots were tampered with, lost, and apparently manufactured to fill the gap. Lawsuits are being filed by the Trump campaign in several places. Most notably, Pennsylvania. Over the weekend, Team Trump held a press conference in Philadelphia, detailing specific instances of both voter and election fraud in the Keystone state.

President Trump the rightful winner

Once these ballots are deemed ineligible, and sources are convinced they will be, President Donald Trump should be declared the rightful winner in Georgia. That’s based only on the voters who have moved but voted anyway. On top of that Georgia is under investigation for an “illegal ballot harvesting” scheme which could also have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome.

In Antrim County, Michigan, voting software malfunctioned, flipping Trump votes to Biden. Election officials there are furious that not only are their investigations stonewalled, the same software was used in other hotly contested places. Along with that, also in Michigan, The United States Postal Service seemed to be part of a scheme to collect left over ballots, back date them and get them to the counting rooms through the back door. They are expected to all have been for Biden.

The numbers aren’t adding up in state after state. Arizona is one where the battle is really heating up. Now that most of the ballots have been tallied, a state which was once designated a firm win for Biden by the media, has become “too close to call” and probably destined for an automatic recount.


  1. Democrats are better at Fraud than anyone else. If they’d put as much effort into legislating as they put into Fraud, they might actually accomplish something.

  2. Let the process play out. All these claims of Biden being POTUS is nothing more than media lies. They don’t make the rules. The rules are in place and have not changed, it’s called the CONSTITUTION!

    • They are hoping that the optics of Biden winning will become the reality. Conservatives have been known to give in rather than fight a battle if they think the country will suffer. We cannot let this die on the vine not only for the sake of the Republican Party, but also for the sake of this great country. The amazing experiment that is the United States of America should never have come to this in the first place, but now that it has we need to stand firm and protect Her “from all enemies both foreign and domestic”. It is up to the people of America who believe not only in “truth, justice and the American way”, but “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to do this. Much is at stake and it’s up to us to carry the load across the finish line. If not us, who?

  3. I keep saying that righteousness shall prevail. The left are dishonest, crooked criminals, and those guilty need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, no manner what their color, race, gender, etc.
    I was brought up with the 10 commandments. They are all important. Two come to mind right now that are not being followed by the Democrat/Socialists: “Thou Shall not Lie.” “Thou Shall not Steal.” I hate liars & cheats. I pray that more people will come forth with their own stories of how the left intimidated them, & how they were told to unlawfully cheat. If we are going to have a nation unlike the 3rd world nations where you are told who to vote for, and there is only one person, then we must clear this travesty up, and then Trump will see to it that our system of voting will be overhauled to ensure that cheating is not possible.

  4. Odd isn’t it how malfunctions only switched votes from trump to biden and never once switched them from biden to trump. Also odd how this malfunction only happened in red counties in swing states!

  5. Corruption is corruption no matter if it’s from the delusional democrats themself’s or from their payed for judges that refuse to make sure the elections are honest . they are not helping to make sure tho . They let votes Come In 3 days after the election is over in Pa . Guess the delusional democrats needed time to fix more fraud votes . I find that wrong for the fact it’s my state and the judges are helping to fix the election for the delusional democrats in a corrupt way . Shows just how corrupt the judges are and they get to say what happen to others in their court when they themself’s are dirty corrupt delusional democrats . Looks like there is no end to the corruption of the delusional democrats when it comes to power to rule over us . If the corruption starts from the beginning , how is it possible to get any better . Like I said … corruption is corruption and it’s the delusional democrats way . Guessing this doesn’t bother you to help fix votes for the delusional democrats. Shame on you . Be sure to go to church and pray for forgiveness for your lack of faith and not being honest with your gods .

  6. Arizona is Indian Country. A lot of elders on the reservations are angry because somehow, they went blue (and never mind being called a blue is an insult 🙂 Most Arizonans do not want to be a target for dnc reprisals like riots and murders. And, watch joe. He’s only acting, and is always sharp when angry or hears the sound of loose change in your pocket.

  7. In some places evidence of voter fraud is in plain sight, if authorities will bother to open their eyes.

    1. More votes cast than the number of registered voters in that county.
    2. More votes cast in a county than the number of voting age adults, whether registered to vote or not.
    3. More votes cast in a county than the entire population of the county.

    The only reason not to invalidate elections in those counties is because officials do not WANT to see a problem.

  8. The Democraps RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS AKA the MORON MEDIA won’t report this because they have been ordered not to by the DNC. They want the Ho in the White House so they can DESTROY America with their COMMIE IGNORANCE and SOCIALIST STUPIDITY.

  9. There were over 50 million votes changed and illegal votes. Trump won 80 percent of the votes and a vast majority in the Senate and House. Trump won every state if no fraud, the people deside the President not fraud by the democrats. The people should demand in every state that Trump lost a recount remove the fraud, illegal votes and votes changed by the program scorecard that convert votes into votes for the person picked. Hey California Trump won your state.. Nancy, Feinstein and Soros have control of your voting machines, think they would let Trump win. Demand justice and a fair recount no fraud no illegal votes and you will find the Truth your vote has been stolen for years

  10. There is another interesting aspect to this covey of illegal ballots being found. The removal of them will, as the article suggests, flip the election from Biden to Trump. But, what about the two runoff elections planned for the Georgia Senate on January 5. If Biden lost these votes, wouldn’t the opposing Democrat Senate candidates, as well? If the two Democrat Senate candidates lose any part of the 132,000 votes, wouldn’t that eliminate the need for a runoff? It’s my understanding that if Perdue had gained 0.02% more of the vote, he would not have to participate in a run off-surely 132,000 fewer votes for the opponents would eliminate that 0.02% shortfall.

  11. Part of the problem is that some vote corruption has been tolerated for a long time (and recently legalized here in The People’s Democratic Republic of California) and as soon as an election was declared nobody cared. Few were prosecuted, especially for something that wouldn’t have changed the result. So all the past voter fraud (and the odd flipped election) has been practice and “proof of concept” to be used en mass in this election. Having read a fair amount of history and wondering how totalitarian’s take over democracy’s, one of the big factors is tolorance of corruption and weak law enforcement. Sound familiar? Are you listening Mr. Barr?

  12. The whole f-ing Democratic party is as corrupt as the Mafia; Biden is corrupt and has been for 47 years! The solution to this chaotic mess is to throw Biden in jail and President Trump remains President for at least 4 more years!!!


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