Breaking: Massive Police Presence, Weapons Drawn, People Lined Up


There was a massive police presence outside the Menasha Packaging plant in Roxana, Illinois this morning. Law enforcement officers were on the premises with drawn weapons. Over 40 police vehicles covered the scene and witnesses described “officers walking the parking lot with guns drawn.” It all turned out to be a false alarm.

Update2: Chris Modrusic, the Pontoon Beach Chief of Police, says it was a “false alarm.” He relates that an employee called 911 from inside the plant, “and told the dispatcher shots were being fired inside the plant and that somebody was trying to kill him.”

When police responded, officers in 40 units swarmed the property with guns ready. Around 200 employees were “evacuated from the building before being allowed back inside.”

It didn’t take long for police to determine it was a hoax. The unidentified caller was arrested for false reporting. Authorities aren’t sure why he made the false call but there is speculation it could have been some sort of diversion to cover other criminal activity in the building. No matter what the reason, it was a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

Update: According to Mayor Mike Pagano, “They got a call for an active shooter but I don’t know if someone brandished a gun or fired a gun. There have been no injuries. They’ve swept the building.”

Previous reports in this a breaking news story indicated it wasn’t clear why employees had been evacuated from the building, but Illinois State Police assured the public earlier, “there have been no injuries in this incident.

At least one person has already been taken into custody and another has been “spotted walking with police outside the building.” Both individuals were “placed in an Edwardsville police vehicle.

TRW has also learned that employees had been “patted down by officers before they were allowed to go back into the building.” The incident allegedly began “after 8 a.m.” at the Gateway Commerce Center near Pontoon Beach, Illinois.

Stand by for updates on this breaking situation


  1. Based in the forgoing information it would lead me to surmise that at possible work place violence incident was taking place???I would like to know if this was the genuine article are just an over reaction.I know that cops with drawn guns is not a good thing???

  2. If they just slap their wrists with no time served then it will continue. I say minimum of 5 years for this stunt and perhaps others will think twice. Still waiting for Jesse Smollet to be indicted and jailed. His was even a greater hoax.


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