Breaking: Leaked Email Confirms Police Walk Out, City Throws Cash as Officers Say ‘Let it Burn’


“If you want a society without police we’ll give you one. Let it burn!” Florida politician Chuck Callesto reports the police walk out on Twitter. A leaked email confirms reports that Atlanta police officers “are refusing to answer the radio and walking off of the job.” Yahoo news is also reporting that “a number of Atlanta police officers did not show up for their Wednesday-night shifts.” The police were quick to offer a $500 bonus paid today, to every officer on their force.

Police walk out in Atlanta

Police officers in Atlanta, Georgia are reportedly staging an unofficial walk out and refusing to answer their radios. They are protesting murder charges against a fellow officer for doing his job.

Only hours after Fulton County district attorney Paul L. Howard said officer Garrett Rolfe “would be charged with felony murder,” Yahoo reports, “Atlanta police union spokesman Vince Champion told NBC News that officers had decided to walk off the job and go silent on radios to protest the decision.”

“This is not an organized thing, it’s not a blue flu, it’s not a strike, it’s nothing like that. What it actually is, is officers protesting that they’ve had enough and they don’t want to deal with it any longer.”

Police Department issues denial

The Atlanta Police Department put out a statement, calling the claims “inaccurate.” The department “is experiencing a higher than usual number of call outs with the incoming shift,” the police explained. “We have enough resources to maintain operations & remain able to respond to incidents.”

But that isn’t what the Atlanta police scanner is saying. “We are not answering 911 calls right now due to personnel issues,” a police dispatcher told Yahoo.

It’s not actually a bribe, that would be illegal, but the Atlanta Police department is coming across with some cold hard cash as an incentive to get the officers back on the job. They announced on Thursday that they are “paying a $500 bonus to every Atlanta police officer today.” They will also be “purchasing 20 police cars to replace those that were destroyed in protests a few weeks ago.”


  1. They had to know this was coming. When you decide to pander to one side of society to the detriment of others then you get chaos. Criminals are running the show and the cops wised up. You want criminals in charge you don’t need the cops. Let the lawlessness ensue. Good job dems you’ve proven what the conservatives have been warning would happen.

  2. Great//// proving once again that you had best be careful what you wish for.
    Atlanta is pandering to the small amount of folks who think they can change people with their antics. Well the proof will soon win out. Let’s see.

  3. I want to hear the Steely Dan Pretzel Logic trying to posit that the Police have no right to protest – even after everything we’ve experienced over the past few weeks.

  4. I don’t blame them at all. REAL criminals are released back onto the communities while cops are fired before due process. Has their union stepped up in any way? If so, I haven’t heard. Yep. In the not too distant future, they will be begging for police. I bet a majority of the people screaming to defund the police have had to call them sometime in their life. An unarmed untrained social worker walking in on a potentially dangerous situation will probably not be able to talk the offender down. The first time one of them is seriously hurt or killed, who are they going to blame?

    • That’s easy, it’s Trump’s fault!!!!!!! Of course the police are also to blame for not being there even though the caller might be one who doesn’t want them there. How will that person (caller) explain that one?

      • Bertha Butt, There use to be a Song Called That, One of The Butt Sisters.. BLAME TRUMP? Ha! BLAME YOURSELF And YOUR IGNORANCE.

    • ‘their Union’, exactly. It is part of the problem. Police Unions, especially if affiliated with the AFL-CIO give their dues money to the Union, who gives it to Democrat candidates, who turn around and bash the Police. I am a Conservative who worked in Unions for 52 years. I don’t believe Government employees should be allowed to have a Union that is affiliated with a nation-wide Socialist Organization.
      What disgusted Police Agencies’ rank-and-file should do is tear up their affiliation with the AFL-CIO and the backstabbing DNC, and form a new independent Union that is unafilliated with Democrats. They can decide where their political money goes, if any, and still bargain collectively for their wages, benefits and working conditions as before. What’s new is they would NOT supporting the Officials of the ‘Blame and Charge The Cop first’ crowd.
      I have called the NY PBA over this because of Cuomo and DeBlasios hatred of the Police.
      Cops! Stop paying to be undermined and criminalized!!!

  5. I remember an old bumper sticker I saw a long time ago… If you don’t like police, next time you need help call a Hippie… The lawlessness has got to STOP…Officers do your job…Do what you were trained to do… and you will always be protected by the courts…………. May God Bless Our Country and Our Police Officers. Thank God for the Castle Law. It will be used protect ourselves, our property, and our families if these THUGs show up in my town….. TRUMP/ PENCE 2020….. You Rally Mr. President

  6. This D.A. Paul L. Howard is a disgraceful idiot. This is SO obviously a political move on his part. He’s under investigation himself and up for re-election. Now he wants to appear the tough guy while appeasing the leftist mob at the same time. I’d like to see what he would do in that same situation that officer was in.

    • The DA is so obviously wrong it is unreal. The videos posted so far fully destroy his accusations. He acted precipitously, with false information, and made seriously erroneous charges against the cop. It is obvious to anyone with a brain. He needs to be removed from office immediately, and the charges he made should be removed. If the currently ongoing investigation merits it, new charges can be filed. (I suspect they won’t be.)

  7. LET IT BURN! Let these Leftist fools learn the hard way just what it is like without police protection. When some of their homes & businesses go up in flames, maybe, just maybe, they will learn a very valuable lesson. Until then, LET IT BURN!

  8. If I was a cop, I would have walked out too ! These ignorant, naive, Democrats, don’t seem to really understand how SERIOUS this situation is ! We NEED the Police for law and order, and to protect the citizens. If these dummies think that “Social Workers”, can do the SAME job as Police, they are truly in La La Land !

  9. I don’t blame them one bit, when those who have your back betray you. It’s time to say something. And I believe they are speaking well.

  10. Its sad but what do you expect.. Yes there are some bad cops that need to be weeded out but to have your mayor’s let the mob run a muck is wrong. I hope the business that got burn looted would pack up and leave and go to another city or state that will protect them. 2 wrongs don’t make it right. so sad the Mayor and Governor dont have the Balls to protect their people. you want kaos this is the way to get it.. Defund the police this has to be the stupidest thing i ever heard.. God please tell me they aren’t this crazy.. are we perfect hell no… can it be fix hell yes… its sad they claim Black lives matter.. but yet there have been 4 or more black cops that were killed by the mob that you let go. you have video of them killing but its ok for them to kill their own .. so sad…

  11. So happy they WALKED out. I HOPE they stay off for a month. Or longer. This is EXACTLY what the Mayor & the DA deserve. Absolutely sickening. The Mayor & DA should be the ones to go out & deal with just a FEW of the vulgar, evil, drug-dealing & drunk idiots that do NOTHING but resist arrest. DISGUSTING.

    • Janet, Yes, this has been my thought all along.——send the mayor and city council people out to handle things. Who ever would have imagined so much pandering going on?

    • They should go out for the balance of 2020 given COVID health issues. Then they should hold the city hostage by renegotiating their 2021 contracts so that every cop makes $1,000 MORE in annual salary than the Dem ‘new shining object’ Mayor Big Bottom & ‘Lyin Criminal DA Dull-Paul Howard. The result will make Sherman’s Burning of ATL look like a weine roast….

  12. Good for them! The police should all call in sick for a week or two; then watch all those radical Panderers start screaming unfair, whatever did we do to warrant this. Bunch of stupid idiots. Let it all burn baby!!!

    • Unfortunately, the city would probably just hire ANTIFA and BLM guys to be cops, give them a gun and no training, and put the back on the streets. The result would be horrendous.

  13. With all of the recent BLM and Antifa antics the real racists that we’re seeing are these two groups. They are Marxist in nature. Here is an example of such a person in Seattle: A leader of Seattle’s so-called Capitol Hill Organized Protest area says peaceful protest is not one of her priorities.
    Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz shared with Fox News a short clip of his interactions with protesters, including CHOP leader Jaiden Grayson (a black woman). “Every single day that I show up here, I’m not here to peacefully protest,” Grayson said. “I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met. You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down.” Also, blacks are proving they are the real racists in this country.


  15. What is really sad is the politicians like, Pelosi and her ilk, endorse the mob mentality and the media outright lies and pumps up the violent reactions instead of reporting a simple thing called FACTS while Hollywood uses it for their 15 minutes of fame and people end up hurt, their businesses looted and their cities burned. These same politicians, the media and the jerks in Hollywood are safe behind gated property with person security guards and police protection, the police they are busy trying to get killed, and believe me they are getting these under paid men and women killed who put that uniform on to protect the citizens of our nation, for no other reason than political gains, ratings and a moment in the spot light. Not a one cares that their actions are getting people killed, both citizens and police officers. Not a one cares that these are all human beings with families and it does not matter if they are police or citizens. The politicians who endorsing these riots, the media lying about the facts and Hollywood’s elites using it for a moment of fame all have blood on their hands and are killers because they KNOW WHAT THEIR BS WILL CAUSE AND DO IT ANYWAY.

  16. I’m sure that any intelligent social worker with common sense will say, “Whoa, I didn’t signup for anything dangerous like these police situations”. They are usually gentle type people who would have no idea how to handle most situations.

  17. The real problem is the Dems using a tragedy again to take advantage regardless of who it hurts. Most of our present problems could be handled with voters saying no to demonic Dems who will crush our nation for their own enrichment. They will not deliver any of what they promise and after 30-0 years of doing nothing they will not change their MO!

  18. I have a very difficult time understanding why anyone would accept a job as a policeman in today’s society, especially in any city run by a Democrat. For Democrats, every issue is political and they will eventually have to decide between one of their voting block members and the police-and, when this happens the police will lose every time. While the Democrats claim they intend to defund the police departments, that probably won’t happen. What is likely is that the officers will lose their immunity, meaning every time they have a confrontation with a criminal they are likely to be sued, personally. Working a job where you earn almost minimum wages, but are responsible for lawsuits just won’t work in a society where the standard redress for perceived wrongs involve a lawsuit. Years ago, I read an essay in which it was posited that the only reason for having any government is to protect our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (property). If we remove the protection mechanism, what use is there to have a government? If Democrats defund police departments, the next step should be “we the people” defund government, entirely.

  19. i back the police 100% they are getting a bad deal where they can’t do there job bless all of them id shoot a thug also who shoots a taser at me more them one shot

  20. Its sad .. but what do you expect from them they are being killed just because the wear the colors.. Not all police are bad… but they do have some bad ones that need to be weeded out… Just like everyone bad is bad… every race has bad folks .. my Question is this if you didn’t do anything wrong why fight with the police… Racism is everywhere i for one have felt it.. in the military and even out in public.. were not born this way.. it is being taught at home… all homes blacks whites hispanic every race has them.. you don’t bow down to them you stand up and fight whats right. i for one am coming to the end of my life and i wish we would all pull our Granny pants up.. wish our news did there job and just report instead of adding fuel… God help us.. i thought we were better than this… Treat everyone like you like to be treated and all will be fine.. extend your hand out.. you may be surprise … I under stand we have problems but to go the way were acting … folks will be hurt .. can you live with that… were suppose to be equal lets come together and show that we are… Fair treatment of everyone is vital to us being a great nation …weed the bad cops out cause a large number are great humans…and to all races… work hard and obey the laws of our country.. you do crime you will be arrested.. and only because you as an american didnt want to follow the law….To the Black/WHITE and Hispanics community ALL LIVES MATTER…

  21. As an excop I can’t say that I like this. However, given the public’s blatant disdain for our officers. Then the political elites pandering to people that have no right to expect those politicians to restrain their officer from performing their legal duties. And for those politicians to continue to expect their officers to keep doing their job is ludicrous. There is one simple reason they expected that. That reason is the officer’s oath. What that means is the ifficers have sworn to do their job and not strike or walk off. They actually expected the officers to uphold their oath even though their job has been essentially rendered UNDOABLE. There is no way for them to safely do their job. By that I mean that their supervisors and adjunct personel will not place undo impediments in front of those officers and will continue to follow ana given set of rules and protect those officers who follow those rules. That is not the case currently. When faced with unreasonable demands and excessive risks both physical and financial to the officers, they were forced to violate that oath. They never thought that a bunch of sane, legally versed and pragmatic officers would make a decision that was in their best interest but a violation of their oath rather than keep their oath and face unreasonable risk to their physical and financial well being. It was that arrogance by the politicians that caused them to get caught with their pants down.

  22. I say fantastic and I hope they all walk off in the big cities, New York, Detroit, Chicago , any city in California, And of course the total morons and Seattle. Let it burn, let’s find out how bad they need the police THEN!!!! LET the good areas that HAVE NOT BEEN RIOTING be protected and let the rest of the shit burn. I am sick of the media letting this get out a hand sand it’s OK to do more on show and sophistic that are show and dates back when Obama was in office ,it’s time to STOP THIS MADNESS RIGHT NOW. Forget the rubber bullets if they start attacking harming looting and burning buildings start shooting,,,, I’m betting that this will stop in about 2 days. Oh and for any Libtard dumorat that gonna say ,,, It’s no big deal it’s only items let’s go to their house next and their places of business and let the Fascist antifa and black lies matter burn them dow

  23. Here comes the conspiracy hat….without cops on the beat comes Anarchy. Anarchy will bring about martial law. Martial law will bring about troops in the streets. Troops in the streets will bring about a totalitarian regime……hence, the leftist progressives get what they want except this will be bloodier than most revolts. We do have the 2nd Amendment, hence all the blatant attempts to ban firearms, generate ownership lists and then confiscation. The last is already begining with the Red Flag laws being passed.

    Bring it damnit. It’s time to clean the slate anyhow.

  24. The cops are right let the city burn . Y’all cryed for no pice … well now you got what you wished for . Deal with the crime rate going up . Don’t for get to go after the rich city officials . They don’t have the ploice proteck in them right now and they have the best stuff to loot . Best if you burn them out. to cover any evidences left behind . Just steal a big truck to help . No cops = more loot . Give the city officials what they asked go while helping your selfs to their stuff . It’s a win win

  25. Nope. I used to be a LEO and the ONLY thing I would allow if I was head of the police Union there is the following:

    1. Murder charges are dropped and a public apology is issued to the two officers and they are rehired and made whole. You get some idiot pointing a gun at a cop and it makes no difference what your skin color is, you are going to get shot.
    2. Take your 500. bonus and stick it where the sun dont shine
    3. the cars destroyed should and will have to be replaced anyway so thats a non issue
    4. Warn the prosecutor and the city council if they EVER try and do anything like this again, the lines to the police department will be turned off and they can deal with the criminals.

    want to bet this settles the matter?


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