Breaking: Georgia Looks To Take Over Elections Once Fraud is Uncovered


Left-leaning NBC is terrified that the election board in Georgia is plotting “a possible takeover of elections in Fulton County.” That’s the one containing Atlanta. Right this moment, they’re “reviewing evidence of voter fraud” including “the double-counting of votes, improper entry of votes into its register, and late-night malfeasance carried out by election workers.”

Georgia takes aim at fraud

NBC editors were in panic mode as they published a story declaring that the “Republican-controlled State Election Board” in Georgia “took a step Wednesday toward a possible takeover of elections in Fulton County.” On September 1, the board “decided to take aim” at the progressive district, which delivered key wins for the Democratic party during the 2020 election cycle.”

Conservatives are still fuming over the way election workers “sent observers home and then were caught running stacks of ballots through tabulators.”

Associated Press isn’t happy about it either. Fulton County, Georgia, has “long been a target of Republican lawmakers.” The state board, AP writes, “voted unanimously” to set up a “three-person review panel to investigate Fulton County, a Democratic bastion that includes most of the city of Atlanta.”

The panel members are “Stephen Day, a Democratic appointee to the Gwinnett County election board; Ricky Kittle, a Republican appointee to the Catoosa County election board; and Ryan Germany, general counsel for the secretary of state’s office.”

Georgia Election Board member Sara Tindall Ghazal noted publicly that it’s “both my hope and expectation that the members of the review board who have been nominated today will take their jobs very seriously and will engage in the review with the singular goal in mind.”

NBC earlier had reported that last month, the board wanted a a performance review panel. They “want to ensure that election officials in the county, which is home to about 11 percent of the state’s electorate, have been following state voting laws and regulations.”


Thanks to a new law

The Georgia conservatives are taking advantage of a brand new law the state just enacted. It lets lawmakers in each individual county “request a review of local election officials.” In Fulton County that would be the county board of registration and elections.

The three member panel will now “carry out a complete and thorough investigation of equipment, registrations, elections and compliance with state law.”

There’s already a case making it’s way through the courts related to the election and there’s a hearing scheduled for September 20 to add more “respondents” to the case. Ruby Freeman, Keisha Dixon, Wandrea Moss and the Happy Faces Personnel Group are being charged with civil infractions.

Freeman and her daughter Moss “were central to the after-hours ballot-counting operation at State Farm Arena.” What’s important here is that as part of the suit they will be hit with all sorts of “discovery” requests which should uncover all the dirty details of what really happened in the Georgia ballot count.

Wandrea Shaye Moss allegedly “personally sent election observers home early.” Then along with Ruby Freeman, they dragged “boxes of ballots from under a table.” Video clearly shows they “ran stacks of ballots through tabulators.” Some “multiple times.” The dead giveaway was a single ballot for “Kanye West” that got counted more than once.

In May, a Georgia judge “allowed an inspection of physical ballots.” They found discrepancies. “In the hearing, lawyers for described large discrepancies (21%) between the number of ballot batches reported by the GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who certified the election, and the number of ballot batches actually provided by court-ordered access in the previous April hearing in the case.”