Breaking: FBI Confirms 4 Deadly Ricin Letters


The Canadian woman who has been charged with sending President Donald Trump a ricin-laced letter has allegedly sent out three other deadly letters to correctional deputies.

Woman Caught at Canadian Border

Pascale Ferrier was arrested on September 20 in between the border crossing of Ontario and New York after a letter addressed to President Trump was caught containing the highly toxic substance.

She had a gun on her at the time of her arrest.

The 53-year-old’s Twitter account had a post on September 9 that read, “I just read this tweet. I agree… Nobody did anything… It’s time to change! #killtrump.”

Texas Law Enforcement Targeted with Ricin

Law enforcement in Hidalgo County, Texas was her latest targets who were also sent ricin-filled letters, according to Law Enforcement Today.  

On September 21, Hidalgo County Sheriff, Eddie Guerra, made it publicly known that the moan did in fact send three deputies poisoned mail.

After the deputies noticed white powder they contacted the United States Postal Inspector as well as the FBI.

After testing, it was concluded that the letters did contain the deadly poison, ricin.

Sheriff’s Office Responds

The Sheriff’s Office posted the following to Facebook:

“The letter along with the substance was immediately secured as a standard protocol to avoid any further contact or possible contamination to employees.  The United States Postal Inspector was advised our office had received a letter with a potentially hazardous substance.

“In the letter, the author clearly stated a desire to harm Sheriff Guerra and three female detention officers as they too were sent letters.  The letters were intercepted at the Hidalgo County Detention Center, without incident. 

“The FBI was able to confirm the substance found in all four letters received was Ricin, a potentially deadly poison.  They also found the letters contained similar language to the letter sent to the President and included the same signature block “FREE REBEL SPIRIT.

“Through the collective collaboration between the Sheriff’s Office, the Texas Transnational Intelligence Center, and the FBI, a 53-year-old Canadian citizen, Pascale Ferrier was identified as the suspect.  Ferrier was previously booked into the Hidalgo County Jail by the Mission Police Department for weapon possession charges and later released on May 18, 2019, to immigration authorities.

“Investigators were able to identify the suspect through details she provided in the letter which included the letter being sent from Canada and being jailed in our women’s detention facility.  FBI also conducted a forensic examination of the letters which revealed four latent fingerprints that matched the defendant.

“Currently, the investigation is led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  For additional questions or inquiries please contact the FBI’s field office in San Antonio.”


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    The violence resides in the liberal Marxist democrat party.

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