Breaking: Emails Implicate Biden and Kerry Families


Even more of Hunter Biden’s emails surfaced late Wednesday, revealed in a detailed 60-page intelligence report. Dated October 2nd, the intelligence community spells out the whole relationship between Joe Biden, his son Hunter, John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz, Devon Archer, James Bulger, and suspected Chinese spy Michael Lin.

Their pay-for-play scheme to sell access to the Vice President not only had the blessings of the “Big Guy,” he insisted on half the haul.

Emails in official intel report

An official U.S. spy community intelligence report was leaked late Wednesday which “details” the relationship between “multiple Chinese State-Owned Entities” and “companies owned by Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz (stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry), Devon Archer, James Bulger, and suspected Chinese intelligence asset Michael Lin.” T

hat’s not good for Democrats but the networks aren’t saying a single word. These emails contradict what Hunter Biden’s lawyer said last year. Contrary to his lawyers assertions, “Hunter started traveling to China shortly before the Big Guy became Vice President and signed contracts with SOE’s while the Big Guy was Vice President.” This fresh report is on top of the ones that surfaced with Hunter’s laptop last week.

Christopher Balding is an Associate Professor at the Peking University HSBC School of Business in Shenzhen, China. The American is not a Trump fan by any means.

Even so, he reviewed the report and what he has to say isn’t all that reassuring to progressives. The emails really are incriminating. “Lost among the salacious revelations about laptop provenance is the more mundane reality of influence and money of major United States political figures.”

The Democrats can cry Russian hacking and disinformation all they want but, as Balding notes, “the documented reality of a major Chinese state financial partnership with the children of major political figures” is a big deal. Especially one report by an Asian research firm which “raises worrying questions about the financial links between China and Hunter Biden.”


The scheme started just as Joe was getting ready to take the oath of office. Back then, the emails prove, “Hunter Biden was traveling to Beijing meeting with Chinese financial institutions and political figures.”

They eventually shelled out a whole lot of money for doing nothing much. “Finalized in 2013, the investment partnership included money from the Chinese government, social security, and major state-owned banks a veritable who’s who of Chinese state finance.”

Hunter prowled the planet for cash

Hunter Biden cashed in bigtime with his connections. The report describes how “Hunter Biden made incredible profits for essentially doing nothing.” He raked in “a tidy sum off of a copper mine in the Congo, and another healthy bundle for allowing the Bank of China to allocate its share of an IPO in Hong Kong to his venture capital firm, BHR.” One pundit notes, the emails prove “he’s either the world’s savviest investor or there are some shenanigans/influence-peddling going on.”

Along with Ukraine and Russia, the Chinese Government was a really heavy investor in Hunter Biden. The report shows that all the key “activities were directed by people at the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party.” The meetings arranged in the emails were held in China.

Not only that, “the Chinese organizations surrounding Hunter Biden are known intelligence and influence operatives to the United States government.” Everybody knows that the Chinese People’s Institute for Foreign Affairs only exists to “carry out government-directed policies and cooperative initiatives with influential foreigners without being perceived as a formal part of the Chinese government.”

Balding isn’t happy to go back to his clients and tell them, “I did not write the report and I am not responsible for the report. I have gone over the report with a fine-tooth comb and can find nothing factually wrong with the report. Everything is cited and documented.”

The state-owned Bank of China is the majority owner of Hunter Biden’s venture capital firm. Then, “Hunter Biden served on the board of Heinz and Archer’s Rosemont Realty, a large US-based commercial real estate firm that was then sold to a Chinese company.”

Along the same lines, “a Chinese company affiliated with Hunter Biden acquired electric vehicle technology and assets from two US companies that were in bankruptcy.” as Balding reports, “there is no secret method for discovering this data other than actually looking” at the emails.


  1. this really is unbelievable and you know damn well nothing to going to happen because they are demoncraps and EVERYBODY knows that demoncraps are above the law

  2. How many stupid people will vote for Joe Biden? They don’t read it care about America and it’s freedoms. Any lie the Democrat party says they believe. Uneducated morons. Looking for handouts. Don’t realize their lives will be over. The socialist nazi regime owns Joe Biden. You people are idiots. Freeloaders and whiners. You don’t deserve to be americans.


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