A prominent Democrat mayor’s home has been raided, and despite all of the evidence found, she’s still playing the victim.

The Raid

On the evening of May 19, the home of Lovely Warren, the Democrat mayor of Rochester, New York, was raided, resulting in the arrest of her husband, Timothy Granison. After the raid, Granison was pulled over while driving, and was arrested for drug and gun related offenses. Reports indicate that upon searching his vehicle, police found a large quantity of cocaine.

Rather than resigning like many people expected, Warren chose to attack Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley, claiming, without evidence, that Doorley has political motivation to “break” her.

Press Conference

Warren’s attacks on the district attorney began at a press conference outside of her City Hall office, where she deflected blame for her husband’s actions and her own by claiming that Doorley was “eager and angry at me for supporting her [political] opponent.”

The Democrat mayor then took her deflection even further, comparing the past year of her political career to the Book of Job, discussing her faith in God, and arguing that the timing of her husband’s arrest was “highly suspicious.”

“We still need to ask ourselves, why? Why would they do this now?” Warren asked. “Because they saw, like you saw, that the momentum was building in our favor in the mayoral race, and I was going to be found innocent in my election law case, because I did nothing wrong. Let’s ask ourselves why, after I announced that I was going forward with reparations and universal basic income … they saw, like you saw. Let’s ask ourselves why, at the exact time that the police are knocking at my door, The New York Times, all the way from Manhattan, were sending me an email, asking me about this. Finally, we need to ask ourselves, why, if this is not about politics, why is Tim’s [the mayor’s husband] next court date June 24, the day before Primary Day? Now, that’s quite the coincidence.”

“There’s nothing implicating me in these charges announced today because I’ve done nothing wrong,” she continued.


It’s concerning that Warren is claiming that she did nothing wrong. How is it possible to live with someone and see them every day, yet completely miss drugs and illegal weapons? Of course, this may have something to do with her own corruption.

Warren will be facing a criminal trial later this year for allegations of campaign finance fraud. She is also facing a wrongful termination allegation by former Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary, and concerns about her handling of the Daniel Prude case, with many accusing her of a potential coverup.

Maybe she was just too busy committing her own crimes to notice her husband’s.


Despite the mounting evidence against him, Granison has decided to plead not guilty to all charges, which include two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree, and criminal possession of a firearm. But he wasn’t in jail long. According to the Daily Wire, “the judge was unable to place bail due to the nature of the charges and Granison was released on his own recognizance.”

The Investigation

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley held a press conference about the investigation in which she confirmed that Granison was not the initial target. According to the district attorney, several warrants were executed on the evening of May 19, including the mayor’s home. When the home was raided, only the couple’s minor child was home, leaving many people concerned about the child, and questioning why child endangerment charges haven’t been filed. Doorley did not comment on the question of child endangerment, but she did note that more charges are coming.

Watch Warren try to deflect during her press conference:


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