Breaking: Car Bomb Explodes Inside Military Base


Shortly after 3 p.m. on Tuesday, June 15, some men pretending to be soldiers drove a bomb disguised as a white pick up truck into a Colombian military base. A training camp located along their wide open border with Venezuela. It exploded, sending “dark columns of smoke rising from the base.” The deafening blast “shattered windows and destroyed offices.” It’s not yet clear if visiting American troops were the prime targets but they might have been. Kamala Harris didn’t make many friends on her recent jaunt to Central America. The cartels might also have been sending a similar message with a hail of gunfire from a pair of jet skis near the beach in the tourist town of Cancun, Mexico.

Bomb sends explosive message

Nobody in the network media wants to admit the glaringly obvious. The leaders of all the drug cartels are terrified that the United States will do the unthinkable and actually legalize all the drugs. Everything from happy weed to heroin. It would put the cartels out of business overnight. The bomb was nothing but a note to visiting drug enforcement agents to carry back to Kamala.

What’s at stake is “a half-trillion dollar-a-year black market that has denuded state finances and fueled carnage from Colombia to Afghanistan.” Countries like Mexico have been turned into “lawless war zones, where the levels of violence are such that people can kill enemies to settle scores, safe in the knowledge that the discovery of another corpse will arouse as much attention as dead rat.”

According to Defense Minister Diego Molano, three people were critically injured in the bomb attack out of 36 total reported injuries. “A small number of U.S. troops were at the base at the time” but none were harmed.

The blast, Molano insist was a “vile terrorist attack” which “targeted Colombian soldiers and sought to injure as many troops as possible.” He points the finger at the National Liberation Army, which happens to be “Colombia’s largest remaining rebel group.” Another prime suspect is a group of dissidents calling themselves the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

After the bomb exploded, the U.S. Embassy in Bogota tapped out on Twitter that “a small group of American military personnel were at the base when the explosion occurred but were not harmed,” noting the “U.S. soldiers were there to conduct training exercises.”


That was all confirmed by U.S. Southern Command, which oversees military operations in the region. They word it slightly different but it amounts to the same thing. “A small element of U.S. military personnel were at the Colombian military base in Cúcuta conducting training with a Colombian host unit at the time of the explosion.”

Anti-narcotics operations

What the Southern Command isn’t telling the public is that Cúcuta is located on the border with Venezuela it’s also “the capital of North Santander state, where several criminal groups are fighting over drug trafficking routes.”

Just like the “crisis” at our own border, the cartels “use the loosely patrolled border with Venezuela to smuggle fuel and weapons.” The unit which saw the bomb attack wasn’t identified but last year, “a group of U.S. military trainers and advisers from the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade spent time at the base.”

They were there to help “the Colombian military to plan anti-narcotics operations.” The bomb blast of what looks like probably a counter-drug-smuggling operation is exceptionally suspicious when compared with the recent trip Kamala Harris made to Mexico.

She made it crystal clear to Central and South America that the Imperial Palace is planning an “additional task force to combat human trafficking and drug smuggling in the region.”

The thing that has them all terrified enough to send hallmark cards with a bomb attached is that word around the campfire hints that the palace may just legalize the lot of it. That would take all the profit out.

Drugs? How much would you like. Prostitution? Let’s see the health certificates and we’re good to go. Pedophilia? Joe Biden is said to favor lowering the age of consent. He’s ready to limbo down as low as he can go. Let’s see the Medellin Cartel make a profit now.


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