BRUTAL MS-13 Gang Member Who Has Been Deported 5 Times Already, Just Got Picked Up By ICE…AGAIN!

Border Patrol Arrest
Photo via ABC 10 News YouTube Video Screenshot

What happens when you have weak borders?

Hardened criminals like Juan Carlos Alvarez-Robles keep coming across, proof that MS-13 has an almost open gateway into our country right now.

Keep Coming Back

The problem with current laws is that illegal immigrants are caught, released, then they eventually find their way back across our border and onto our city streets again.

In the case of Alvarez-Robles, he has already been deported five times, but always found a way to get back into our country.

And this is no common criminal but rather a member of MS-13, one of the most notorious and brutal gangs in history.

Some of Alvarez-Robles’ crimes have been the transportation and selling of narcotics, possession of controlled substances, grand theft auto, burglary, and theft.

He is the type of individual Trump has characterized as an animal and that Nancy Pelosi has said is just another child of God.

On his arrest, Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Alan Booth stated, “This was a perfectly executed warrant resulting in the removal of a hardened criminal from our community without incident.

“I applaud all of the law enforcement professionals that worked on this case, resulting in making the city of Toledo a safer place.”

Why We Need ICE and CBP

Alvarez-Robles is typical of the individuals that are arrested every day by ICE and Border Patrol agents.

These are the same two agencies that Bernie Sanders is drafting executive orders to abolish if he gets elected.

These are the people AOC and her fellow Democrats are warning people to hide when they find out about ICE raids in their area.

They will counter they are only talking about regular illegal immigrants, you know, the ones that don’t break the law (even though they broke the law by entering this country illegally), but the fact is people like Alvarez-Robles will also find out, allowing them to avoid law enforcement and remain in the country.

The fact that Alvarez-Robles was arrested in Ohio should be a harsh warning that criminals such as this have permeated our country and there is not a single city or state that is safe from them right now.

As long as Trump is in office, at least we have ICE and CBP to keep hunting these thugs down, something we won’t be able to say if one of these radical Democrats ends up winning this election.



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