Border Crisis Escalates Into Full Blown CHAOS, Numerous Terrorists ARRESTED Attempting to Cross that Open Border


Even Democrats have taken to calling the situation along the border with Mexico a crisis in recent days but they’re still afraid to admit that it’s already escalated into total chaos. There’s now proof that terrorists have been arrested while attempting to cross the wide open border.

Terrorists on the move

As The Federalist reports, “mere hours” after the liberal network media vigorously denied conservative claims that terrorists were making their way across the border into the United States, Customs and Border Protection confirmed it to Congress.

On Tuesday, they admitted that they arrested at least four who’s names appear on the no-fly list, officially called the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database.

Even more interesting is the fact that they caught more invading terrorists since the election than they usually do in an entire year.

That suggests that conservatives have been right all along when they say that Biden’s liberal open borders policies are attracting them like a magnet.

Even flamingly liberal Axios is acknowledging that three of the recent arrests were apparent terrorists from Yemen and the fourth came from Serbia.

Axios is the one to point out that outnumbers “similar people taken into custody during recent full fiscal years, according to the source.”


A national security vulnerability

House Minority Leader Republican Kevin McCarthy sparked off an inferno of Democrat backlash when he told the press in El Paso, Texas, on Monday that “Border Patrol was arresting people from the terrorist watch list.”

He called the influx of terrorists “a national security vulnerability for the U.S.” The border patrol confirmed it.

The New World Order controlled networks immediately started “fact-checking” his claims.

They tried real hard to show indignation and call him everything from crazy to racist but not a single one of their posts could deny the facts. Terrorists are coming into the country and their policies are the driving force behind it.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Palace is strangely silent as the pile of illegal alien bodies piles up higher and higher at the border. His Wisdom refuses to acknowledge that there is any kind of a crisis at the southern border.

He can’t put the migrant kids in cages like he used to do in the old days so now they’re sending them to jail, while the adults get a free bus ride anywhere they want to go. Terrorists practically have their own travel agent. The Washington Post is still drinking the Kool-Aid. “Migrants are not overrunning U.S. border towns, despite the political rhetoric.”


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