BOOM: This is the Case we Have ALL Been Waiting For

Case Supreme Court voter fraud election 2020

Texas just sent a lawsuit to the United States Supreme Court suing the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. It’s about time these Red states stand up and fight for President Trump. Will this ultimately impact the election results?

Voter fraud case sent to SCOTUS

The attorney general of Texas filed the lawsuit on three main constitutional claims. Texas says that Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin violated the Elector’s Clause because it’s the state’s legislatures that have to make rules on how elections should be conducted and to implement changes if necessary.

In this case, Texas is saying these states cannot seat the electors, and the legislatures should appoint new ones. If the U.S. Supreme Court agrees with the case, then those four states named in the complaint would have their state legislatures determine the outcome.

Jay Sekulow, an attorney and Conservative talk show host, believes this is the most important voter fraud lawsuit filed thus far following the 2020 presidential election.

Sekulow said, “This is a lawsuit, of course, against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It is original jurisdiction which means it doesn’t start at the district court level. It starts at the Supreme Court of the United States where it was lodged yesterday evening. It’s a very significant piece of litigation, in my mind, this is the one.”

AG Ken Paxton files a lawsuit

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is fighting the good fight on behalf of all freedom loving patriots in America.


Good to see someone stepping up to the plate. In a statement, Paxton said “Trust in the integrity of our election processes is sacrosanct and binds our citizenry and the States in this Union together. Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin destroyed that trust and compromised the security and integrity of the 2020 election.”

Time is running out for President Trump. Electors will vote on December 14th. The Court will reply to Paxton’s case by 3pm on Thursday.

If the Supreme Court agrees that current electors have been tainted by the radical Left then it’s possible we will see a second term for Trump.


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