Breaking: State Department Phone Transcript Proves That Hillary Knew Benghazi Was a Planned Attack AFTER ALL


Although liberal Democrats would have you believe otherwise, there are many reasons why Donald Trump is in the White House today. One of the main reasons can be summarized down to just one word: Benghazi.

That’s right. When Hillary was Secretary of State, she botched the Benghazi incident very badly.

She insisted that it was a terrible internet video that spawned the attack, but is that really the case? Many individuals within the conservative press and on the other side of the aisle have continually doubted that story.

For example, Utah congressman Chason Chaffetz wrote the following in U.S. News: “Benghazi does matter. It isn’t just because some Americans were killed.

It is more because Hillary Clinton’s state department engaged in misdirection at the highest levels in order to cover up what really happened in that incident.”

Of course, liberals have poo-pooed these comments as just attacks from the right simply because Republicans have had no way to prove that Hillary Clinton and company really knew this was a planned attack…until now, that is. We now have a serious smoking gun.

The Smoking Gun

In a phone conversation with then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil, Secretary Clinton said, “We know that the attack in Libya didn’t have anything to do with the film. It was not a protest. It was a planned attack.”

Prime Minister Kandil simply answers, “You are not kidding there. Based on some of the latest information I have seen, we have reason to believe that this group that is claiming responsibility for that attack has close ties with al-Qaida.”

So there you go folks. Yet another lie from Hillary Clinton. All I have to say is thank god this woman will never see the light of day in the Oval Office!

Here is the Viral Video that continues to play all over the internet proving that Americans have not forgot about our fallen hero’s


    • That absolutely sickened me when she said it. Wish I could say that to her face when she whines about losing the election etc.etc.. Our Ambassador should not have been there in the first place & she & Obama knew it. If there is actually such a thing as ‘selling your soul to the Devil I swear Hillary did it

    • I’d settle for seeing them walk the’ perp walk’ live while wearing Orange jump suits. I’ve even put that on my bucket list..

  1. Majority of Americans know crocked Hillary is a murderer. Not only Benghazi, but every witness dangerous to her wellbeing has committed suicide, knifed in the back.
    Unbelievable that atheist who believe in evil, are getting away with murder.

  2. Hillary, the Evil, was & is a lying sack of crap. Anyone with even half a brain knew & still knows that. Those four American deaths are on her & always will be however I doubt this evil through & through Leftist piece of dirt will care.

  3. I have warned all about the tyranny of the Democratic Party since I’ve studied their history dating back to the 1920s. This is a political party with the sole goal of ruling the United States with absolute power and the total control of the American people. Many times I suggested for the American people to read George Orwell’s novel of “1984” for a glance of the Democratic Party’s dream for absolute power. This is the political party that will control our lives and our very thoughts. For those that are too busy to read George Orwell’s book; there is a movie for “1984” Starring Edmond O’Brien, Michael Redgrave, and Jan Sterling which I saw in 1957. To live this kind of life is pure hell! To live under the control of the Democratic Party is pure hell!

    The time to remove as many Democrats from our nation’s political scene is NOW! Particularly ALL Democrats within our nation’s judicial system. For years they’ve been creating laws from the bench and forcing unwanted laws against the wishes of the American people and superseding legislative laws. Act now or we will lose our sovereign Republic of the United States of America forever unless we do our job and vote these lousy Democrats out of office.

    USAF (RET)

    • Tell that truth…BHO said .. we will arm the Syrian insurgents … Isis is who He and Hildabeast armed..
      The Libyan make shift Consultant was the distribution point.. they came to Steal the Weapons and killing the Americans was a Bonus for Isis.. 9-11-2012… where was the chosen one.. BHO?? MIA

  4. Didn,t O tell you all years ago that the Obama administration and Hillary wanted them Killed and set it Up too and Now it is reveal here too now let see her and the rest that was involved in it get Prosecuted for it Period

  5. Why hasn’t anyone filed charges against any of these democraps who have been doing criminal acts for years? Trump just had no idea how deep the swamp is, and how many repubs are in it also. I’m afraid we are so screwed.

  6. Here we go again with more BS lies, when the actual investigations done by the Republicans in Congress, 7 different Benghazi investigations proved hen that Clinton knew nothing of the Ambassador being in Benghazi she was not high enough on the food chain to be involved in any way, and it was the Republican who had thr Benghazi report sealed for I think 75 years. Now what ever Clinton said after the Benghazi attacks was over is what the department lawyers told her to say, now in Government position you are told by the lawyers,every agency has its own lawyers lots of them, exactly what to say and how to word it.
    Now Benghazi had nothing to do with Trump being in the White House every election specialist and Political; Scientist say Trump won the Electoral College by two things, one the Gerrymandering in the swing states and the pin point help in bad areas by the Russian Intel agencies, and still Trump ddi not win the Popoular vote so most of America did not want Trump in the White house. Now ith the Gerrymandering in those swing states done away with, we will just have to see whwere Trump stands with the population this November.
    I know me as a Former Republican before Trump for over 60+ years will not vote for him and most of my family say they would neer vote for him again.

    • Perhaps the dems continued stalling, lies and the Lois Lerner defense of computer crashes and unable to recover the data worked again.

    • She was SOS and she had personally asked Ambassador Chris Stevens to head up this Mission Station… What Mission?
      To Arm the Syrian Insurgents per Barrack Hussein Obama.. who Attacked Libya unprovoked.. other than Momar Kadafi had been urging OPEC to return to trading oil by the Original Gold Standard… Not U S Currency… Obama is a WAR Criminal who Committed Treason by Arming ISIS and Failed to Protect the Sovereign, Ambassador Stevens…. Additionally Stevens had served as Director of the Office of Multlateral Nuclear and Security affairs !! Imagine Hildabeast foundation receives a donation of $145 Million from a Russian Company owned through a Canadian company acquired 20% of USA Uranium production and the Office required to sign off on the deal is headed by a Democratic CIA operative ..
      Swamp is Deep and Wide……..Hang em High

  7. Lest people forget, the Benghazi consulate was being used as a front to smuggle weapons from Libya to Syria through Egypt and Turkey. This was an operation done to topple Pres. al-Assad of Syria.

    In order to start the operation, the Obama regime first had to eliminate Qaddafi. To do so Mr. Obama started a war without congressional approval. In the aftermath, Qaddafi was killed, apparently with US approval as Sec. Clinton said.

    It was all part of Mr. Obama’s Arab Spring initiative to topple so-called Muslim dictators with true Islamic “popular” leaders who turned out to be hard core Muslim dictators opposed to the US.

    All of the above was not merely illegal and unconstitutional, it was TREASONABLE.

  8. And yet she walks free today . Why ? All I see is our laws are for poor people , not for the rich like hillary . When you have hillary in jail … then print these story’s . All your doing is to try to sell a story . We already know she’ left them there to die right along with Obama . He was at a font raiser for his 2nd term . Shows where his loyalties ride . So come back when you got a real story about real justice about the delusional democrats corruption .

  9. No wonder nobody put their name to this article. There isn’t/wasn’t a congressman “Chason Chaffetz” from Utah. There was, however, a “Jason Chaffetz” congressman from Utah serving Utah’s third congressional district from 2009 to 2017. Makes me wonder what else is wrong with this article.

  10. Both Hitlery and Obozo knew an attack was coming since the Ambassador that was killed told them both in e-mails sent 6 months earlier that the so called security Obozo had hired were caring the place to be attacked.

  11. Never get over the fact the Hillary Clinton left four people to die in Benghazi. The guys that lived know she abandoned them. The untold many that have died because they knew too much, the woman is pure evil, she should be in jail for her multiple sins. I hope that people will realize how bad it will be under democratic RULE, they want to rule not govern.

  12. Everyone is focused on the wrong person and Hillary’s explanation was indefensible. The real target for lying and investigation is Obama. Hillary is nothing more than the red cape and Obama is hiding behind it.

  13. Ambassador Stevens found out about what Hillary and Obama were doing (ie Smuggling weapons) and Benghazi was the way to silence him…. and cover it all up. Planned and executed

  14. Sometimes I fear for my loved country. After all the strange suicides and murders that follow Hillary, after all the lies and an unapproved server, after Uranium One and Benghazi, and all the scandals she was involved in the Democrats nominated her for President of the USA. I thank God every day for giving us, Donald J. Trump.

  15. I’d like to add my ‘humble opinion’. IF there really was Russian interference .. Why hasn’t ANYONE brought up the idea that the way they got into US was thru Hillary’s server from some Mom & Pop place.. I think I read that another country gained access there, but my memory may be wrong. No matter how it happened the Russians would have much rather have had Hillary in the WH, they already had contributed to her bogus charity. She was/is Russia friendly.


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