Bolton Undermines Trump- Swiftly Gets the Boot


Donald Trump Fires John Bolton After Many Disagreements over a 17 month Course

According to President Donald Trump, there were just too many ongoing disagreements with John Bolton. So he got the boot on Tuesday morning, and now he’s out. On Tuesday Trump took to ‘Twitter’ and said, “I informed John Bolton that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions. Others in the administration also strongly disagreed with him”.

President Trump went on to thank Bolton for his service. Trump advised that he would be naming a new national security adviser next week. Bolton was scheduled to appear at a press conference with Mike Pompeo and Treasury Security Steve Munchin on Tuesday. Bolton took to Twitter too, saying he offered to resign, but Trump would not accept his resignation.

Trump was often times at odds with Bolton over national security matters. A source of contention between the two, was Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan. Mr. Bolton has said on more than one occasions that Iraq and North Korea cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

Bolton’s Departure Comes Just As Trump Has Been Trying To Deal With The Worst Enemies Of The U.S.

Some within the administration are saying that there was no ‘final straw,’ more like an accumulation of disagreements. Although others that wanted to remain anonymous say that the issue of the Taliban was the final straw.

Mr. Bolton tried to convince Trump not to invite the Taliban to Camp David ‘for any reason’. Bolton tried to convince the President that the conflict in Afghanistan could be resolved without any dealings with the Taliban.

The President announced on Monday that he himself ended any and all communications with the Taliban himself. Trump said he looked at the deal with the Taliban, but “it’s now dead”. Others in the Administration were very upset that John voiced any concerns over the meeting, and saw it as an undermining tactic.

Vice President Mike Pence was also said to be very angry that his name has brought into the Taliban conversation. His polices some say is that if he has any disagreements with Trump, they are kept private. Sources suggested that John leaked the information that Pence was not on board with the Taliban meeting. The source said Bolton wanted it known that many people were not on board with it.

Just One Disagreement Too Many A Source Said Was The Reason For The Bolton Firing

A source said, in the end when the disagreements start to pile up, the person is ‘shown the door’. A source close to Bolton said he believed his job, was to stop Trump from having dealings with enemies.

John Bolton was the security advisor for 17 months, in that time there were no harmful deals made by Trump. Bolton was said to be livid due to Trump not severing ties with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

John said Jong-un is still conducting missile tests and has refused to surrender his nuclear arsenal These issues still go on, despite Trump saying he has a cordial relationship with the dictator.


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