Bloomberg Pushes Bogus Stats in Anti-2A Super Bowl Commercial

Bloomberg Ad
Photo via Mike Bloomberg YouTube Video Screenshot

Michael Bloomberg spent a reported $10 million on his one-minute Super Bowl ad last night.

All he really did, though, was prove to everyone just how much of a liar he really is and the fact Americans cannot trust him to tell the truth during his run for the presidency.

Gun Violence Against Children

Let me make this clear… any death of a child is horrific, so the stats surely do not need to be tweaked to blow this out of proportion.

However, that is exactly what Bloomberg did during his Super Bowl ad.

In his ad, Bloomberg claims “2,900 children die from gun violence every year.”

That is just plain false.

Additionally, the “child” referenced in his ad was not a child at all, but a 20-year-old man.

Published court documents on the case referred to stated, “On September 26, 2013, just before midnight, the police received a dispatch for shots fired.

“When they arrived, they discovered a deceased male, later identified as George Kemp, age 20, lying face down in a pool of blood.”

I am no way trying to belittle the death of Kemp, but this ad is just blatantly twisting and/or omitting facts to make Bloomberg’s case.

Bloomberg’s campaign offered a rather lame excuse to justify its numbers, stating, “Ask any grieving parent whose 18- or 19-year-old son or daughter was shot and killed, and they will tell you they lost a child.

“There are simply too many of these deaths, and Mike has a plan to prevent them with common-sense gun safety laws.”

If that reasoning is the standard, EVERY gun murder should be included because every parent would consider their son or daughter to be their “child” when murdered or killed in any way, shape, or form.

Here is the ad…

The Facts

To make the numbers more dramatic, Bloomberg extended the statistics to include both 18- and 19-year-olds.

When you look at the stats for actual children, the number goes down from 2,887 to 1,499.

Now, this is still clearly a problem, but that is a dramatic increase and a blatant lie by Bloomberg.

The NRA quickly fought back against the Bloomberg ad to shed some light on the mistruths he is spreading.

NRA Director of Media Relations, Amy Hunter, stated, “It is regrettable but not surprising that salient facts didn’t make the ad.

“Bloomberg cherry-picked aspects of the story to push his agenda.

“Bloomberg pushes for confiscation of guns and stripping regular Americans of our right to self-defense while he enjoys armed security 24/7.

“He sees America as his kingdom, and the rest of us as his peasants.”

Let’s also address the fact that far too many of these deaths occur with illegal weapons in poor neighborhoods where drugs and gangs are running rampant.

As far as the media and Democrats are concerned, that is off-limits, but that is the problem, not revoking the Second Amendment from law-abiding citizens.

Bloomberg’s own knowledge of guns does not help his case, either.

Watch this interview from November 2019 and tell me if Bloomberg comes off as someone that knows what he is talking about…

I am not trying to dodge the fact gun violence in this country is a problem, quite the contrary, I just believe Democrats and liberals are looking in all the wrong places for the problem.

We have a poor problem that is impacting people of every race, but Dems just want you to believe it impacts minorities as if there are no poor white people in this country.

This stance, of course, leads to even more anger and divide because we are failing to address an entire demographic.

Unfortunately, this is the demographic Democrats want to offer more handouts to rather than offer them opportunities and training to get their lives back on track.

Honestly, Democrats need the poor, specifically the minority poor, to continue down the path they are all on because without them, they lose a large majority of their support.

This country is about opportunity, not handouts.

Perhaps that is why more and more minorities are flocking to Trump because rather than dismissing them and giving them a welfare application, he is actually restoring their pride, putting them back to work, and treating them like real Americans rather than a pawn in a political game. 

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