BLM Torch Family Home With Children Inside… What They Do Next is Pure EVIL


Black Lives Matter and Antifa torched a family home with children inside and what they did next is pure evil to the core. On Saturday, after radical leftists set property on fire, they proceeded to block the fire department from allowing the fire truck to reach the burning building that included a trapped child.

These evil rioters had also set a police vehicle ablaze and several other buildings, including the United Daughters of the Confederacy headquarters on Broad Street. Richmond Police Chief William C. Smith was visibly shaken as he held a press conference as he addressed the press on this crime of arson. He said that these riots were organized by out-of-state individuals that “had traveled many states to get here.”

Smith stated, “One incident that is particularly poignant, that truly illustrates the seriousness of the issues we’re facing. Last night protesters intentionally set fire to an occupied building on [West] Broad Street. This is not the only occupied building that has been set fire to in the last two days. But they prohibited us from getting on the scene. We had to force our way to make a clear path for the fire department. The protesters intercepted the fire apparatus several blocks away with vehicles and blocked that fire department’s access to the structure fire. Inside that home was a child.”

The Evil That Rioters Do

Virginia has had to deal with its own riot issues that have occurred because of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Hundreds of protesters marched around Broad Street in Richmond over the weekend. Like many other cities, these protests turned into riots as day became night. Dumpsters were set on fire and windows of local businesses were busted. Police in riot gear took the streets to stand against the criminals.

Not surprisingly, Confederate monuments were targeted by the liberal protesters. Statues commemorating Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis were tagged with phrases like “RIP George Floyd,” “F*ck Cops”, and “Blood on Your Hands.” A noose was put on the neck of the Jefferson Davis statue as evil rioters tried to bring down the monument. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful.

Riots in Richmond, Virginia have become as evil as the riots in New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. This evil is a disease that is spreading across the country no matter how large the population is of a city or town. 



  1. Now it does seem that some wantt o blame BLM for everything when the fact in evidence does not say wht this article says in any way. Now both State and Federal law enforcement have said the destruction is being done by both FAR Right which would be BOOGALOO Boys, and FAR LEFT which would be ANTIFA, and other anarchists groups plus some militany MILITIAS who also want a Civil War in this USA.
    Opinions do not holdup to the actual facts as are proven by the people who investigate.

  2. Lets see now, Interfering with a 1st Responder, Attempted Homicide, Violation of A US Citizens Civil Rights, Wrongful Imprisonment. and looting ( petty larceny???)

  3. I sympathize with the local citizens who are affected by these riots. On the other hand, what did they vote for and who did they vote into office. It’s my opinion that they are receiving the results of their own decisions by voting for the lame duck suppose to leaders. For the people who are not lead by the slavery mentality, the riots have on the most part been peaceful. Wake up folks, these race mongers, liberals/far left and power seeking people with their George soros folks only want your vote with no plans to help you when needed. It is obvious now concerning their support for you. Where is our so called men Jessie J., Al Sharpton and others during all this rioting? Are they providing food and safety for you? Why not? Of course we know, their is no money involved for them.


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