BLM Co-Founder and San Fran Mayor Caught in Maskless Nightclub Party Extravaganza


Laws are for the little people, scoff hippy-dippy San Francisco elites. Mayor London Breed was spotted illegally maskless and cavorting with an equally maskless BLM co-founder Alicia Garza at the Black Cat Nightclub. Their naked face orgy of diseased debauchery is just another case of liberal hypocrisy in action.

Mayor ignores the law

Mask mandate? oh that’s only for you, not me, insists San Francisco Mayor London Breed. She doesn’t care one bit that the paparazzi snapped a shot of her “partying and singing maskless in a nightclub.” She’s breaking her very own mandate.

Her constituents are furious because she’s “been very clear that everybody needs to do their part, we’re not out of the woods. San Francisco’s rules have been very restrictive, and I don’t see her playing her part in that photo,” Danielle Rabkin points out. She’s owner of Crossfit Golden Gate Gym. She’d be out of business if her patrons behaved like Breed and her cronies.

This also emphasizes that the liberal elite know that mask mandates and vaccine passports are more for mind control than disease control. As soon as the mayor and her pornographically maskless image started getting them some really negative publicity, the Black Cat Nightclub deleted the evidence.

On the internet, nothing really goes away forever though. “Videos and photos of Breed in the jazz club, however, continue to circulate on social media.”

For the record, on Wednesday evening, September 15, Mayor Breed was “accompanied by BLM co-founder Alicia Garza and singer Raphael Saadiq.” Virtually everyone in the club had their mask off in total violation of Breed’s mandate. “Everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated, must wear a well-fitted mask in indoor public settings at all times.” There is a limited exception.

People “may remove their well-fitted mask while actively eating or drinking.” Singing doesn’t count. Talking while your drink sits untouched on the table doesn’t count either. BLM is obviously above the law. “There were drinks and cocktails spotted on a table near Breed, but she was not ‘actively’ drinking them while posing for photos and singing.”


Rules should be the same

Mayor Breed “clearly feels like it’s fine and safe to remove her mask.” It should work the same for everyone else too. Let “that be the rule for everybody. You’re not impervious to COVID any more than I am, so let the rules for you be the same as the rules for me.”

Breed shrugs it off saying “she tests for COVID-19 often.” Not only that, to get into the club you have to show your vaccine papers. Her own law says that doesn’t matter. Vaccinated or not you still wear a mask all the time.

Breed doesn’t come right out and say that if you’re Black you don’t have to follow the law. What the mayor did say is “I’ve been very careful, not just because I want to set an example but because I don’t want to get COVID.

I also want to make sure that I’m not someone transmitting COVID to other people.” So her Black friends at the Jazz club aren’t “other people” and won’t be getting COVID. It’s all a big hoax.

“This entire pandemic has been focused on keeping people safe,” the mayor insists. Safe from police while they loot and burn their way up and down the West coast. She admits nobody likes it but the measures are necessary.”

They just aren’t necessary enough for her and her friends to follow the rules. “The orders require all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear face coverings when indoors in public settings, with limited exceptions.” There’s also a really limited exception. If you’re Black, you don’t need to comply.