BLM Chants ‘Death to America’, as Their Masks Come Off


The children of BLM darkness in both Kenosha and Oakland have simultaneously started chanting “Death to America,” revealing a surprising new twist in the liberal left revolution. It appears, somehow, as if the masks have been ripped off to reveal that Iran’s Ayatollah hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement.

Death to America

Ever since 1979, when Ayatollah Khomeini seized power from the Shah of Iran, Iranians have been chanting “Death to America” in the streets. Journalist Rita Panahi, recalls how as she was growing up in Tehran, “her childhood teachers in Iran made her recite the phrase.” The Iranian government continues to defend use of the hateful slogan even today. While we’re used to hearing foreigners, who have wanted to do us in since the beginning, throw that phrase around incessantly, to hear it coming from American citizens is disturbing. It also proves that the so-called “spontaneous” “protest” movement is being carefully planned and financed by someone who does not want law and order in the United States of America.

On Tuesday, the folks who have been following the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin noticed something new. Protesters gathered outside of the Kenosha County Courthouse were suddenly screaming things like “death to America,” and “kill the police.” The sight of one anarchist setting a flag on fire didn’t even catch anyone’s attention.

To prove that this is a coordinated effort with leadership planning each and every battle, on Wednesday, all the way over on the left coast in California, the Oakland Police Department reported that “600-700 people” took part in “violent” and destructive protests Wednesday night. They were also shouting “Death to America.” There were “numerous fires set, dozens of windows broken, multiple businesses vandalized.” As usual lately, rioters “threw objects at officers.” Thankfully, none were injured. The cops even managed to arrest a few. Conservative citizens are demanding the law and order they were promised while their elected officials are forcing death and destruction on them.


You won’t see this in the TV news

As Andy Ngo, a conservative reporter who has been following the riots closely tweeted, “This wasn’t widely reported.” Everyone knows that’s a total understatement because nobody heard a single word about the new developments until this week. “around 700 black bloc militants and their supporters rampaged through Oakland, Cal. They chanted ‘death to America’ while starting fires and smashing cars and buildings.”

You won’t see CNN or MSNBC airing any footage of hundreds of Black Lives Matter troops marching “through the streets of Oakland, California,” like an army of radicals, screaming “Death to America.” Somehow, that contradicts their narrative that this is all a bunch of “peaceful protests” over “civil rights.”

Once the videos started saturating the twittersphere, all across the nation conservatives were outraged over the death dealing anarchists setting fires, breaking into businesses and marking their territory with spray paint, while helplessly outnumbered police were forced to stand and watch instead of doing anything about it.


  1. Time for these people to be declared exactly what they are , a terrorist and subversive group .There activities are aimed at only one thing , the destruction of America and their deluded dream that communism and socialism are such wonderful ideas . In truth they are all to lazy to go out and find a job wanting to live on the government dole that somehow they believe they are entitled too .

  2. This kind of nation-wide coordinated attack is definitely not spontaneous, nor does it have anything to do with civil rights. “Anarchists”, nothing: these are Fascists, pure and simple. When they start howling for death, starting fires and throwing missiles, they’re clearly intending harm. Anyone in their path has a right to shoot them.

  3. The Black Lives Matter Movement is a most corrupted terrorist group infiltrated with subversive self hating whites who are uneducated and illiterates brainwashed by the Marxists to even insult Blacks with their mocking and stupidity. Even the Infernal Malcolm X would disapprove of them if he were alive today. Now.. What would Louis Farrakhan say about these infiltrators and self hating white fools in the BLM movement now??

  4. Iam waiting to see when the BLM turn on all the white boys who think their part of the black groups . The dumb ass’s forget … THEIR WHITE … and that makes them the enemy . I don’t know who’s stupider … the BLM for thinking they will take over the country , or the white boys for thinking their black now . When trump sends in the army and Marshall law is in force . We’ll see who bleeds what color . See who crys the most … the white boys or BLM . Rest asure they will cry , one way or the other … they will cry . They think they had it bad befor … wait … the shit storms is coming and their standing right in front of the fan . Just remember … when it does hit … you started this shit storm and we will end it to save our homes , family’s and our country

  5. Time for POTUS to invoke the Insurrection Act and unleash the full force of our Armed Services on these anti American POS!! No more playtime with rubber bullets etc., these people want to kill and should be treated as potential killers!


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