BLM Celebrates George Floyd’s Death By Destroying Things, and Attacking Police


As expected, the peaceful BLM rioters in Portland, Oregon, celebrated the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death with some peaceful mayhem, insurrection, and anarchy. Destroying things and attacking police officers just for fun.

The BLM pirates of Portland

If anybody wonders about the power of memes and suggestion, one could build a really good case that the Portland Antifa-brand™ BLM anarchists simply spent way too much time at Disneyland while growing up.

They got their entire world-view from the song looping through Pirates of the Caribbean. “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me,” they chant.

They pillage and plunder, rifle and loot. They kidnap and ravage and don’t give a hoot. They extort and pilfer, they filch and they sack. Maraud and embezzle and even hijack. They kindle and char, inflame and ignite. They burn up the city, They’re really a fright.

They’re rascals and scoundrels. Villains and knaves. They’re devils and black sheep. Some say, really bad eggs. All the beggars and blighters and ne’er do-well cads, live in their basements with their mommies and dads. (With apologies to George Bruns and Xavier Atencio.) Nothing but BLM Pirates of Portland.


On Tuesday, BLM tried to burn down a local police station. The cops weren’t real happy about it. “Portland police reported a crowd gathered downtown late Tuesday night and advised drivers to avoid the area.”

It made them a little bit nervous that the crowd was peacefully chanting “Burn the building down.” They kept everyone posted with images of the dumpster fire. It would have been against union rules to actually arrest someone for starting it.

Maybe even a ‘riot’

The police also diligently reported that a peaceful but “large” crowd was “wandering around Downtown, blocking streets and breaking windows.” They eventually decided that it might be a good idea to call what was happening an “unlawful assembly,” maybe even a “riot.”

The police are embarrassed by all the twitter posts showing them helpless in the face of attack. Several individuals were “throwing frozen water bottles and eggs as well as shooting fireworks at officers and placing metal spikes on roadways.” It appears they were more organized and well prepared so it’s not surprising that BLM ruled the city all night long.

The biggest victims were the merchants and shopkeepers. “Windows of coffee shops and other businesses were smashed in the early morning hours.” Complaining about it or demanding that police try to stop it are prohibited as anti-antifa activity and classified as White Privilege anachronism.

That’s racist and you can go to jail for it. The Portland Police were quick to assure the community that they “cleared metal spikes from the street so firefighters could get close enough to extinguish the fire.” BLM anarchists were standing around it roasting marshmallows and didn’t want to be disturbed.

“People in the crowd formed rows while those closer to the front of the crowd held umbrellas to obscure the view behind them.” That’s when “People from further back threw objects at officers including frozen water bottles, eggs and metal spikes.

When the fire was out and firefighters got safely away, officers deployed smoke then left the area.” Cops made a strategic withdrawal and BLM won the battle. After all the burning and looting, five people were accidentally arrested “in connection with the night’s events.”


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