Black Trump Supporter Ambushed and Murdered


Where’s all the Black Lives Matter support for Bernell Trammell? You won’t find any because this Black man supported President Donald Trump. He was ambushed and executed by peaceful protesters Thursday afternoon as he sat outside his business “enjoying the sunshine” in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood

Not Black enough to matter

Friends of 60-year-old Bernell Trammell are outraged at the way the neighborhood icon was “ambushed.” He was minding his own business, “Expression Publications,” which happens to be adorned with Trump supporting slogans and Bible verses. He made no secret he wanted to “Re-Elect Trump 2020.” The children of darkness didn’t like that idea too well. A Black Trump supporter just doesn’t fit their narrative.

Trammell’s friends and neighbors are shocked that someone would peacefully protest such a likable character in cold blood, simply for his political views. They knew him as a “peaceful, positive and religious man.” To Black Lives Matter he was nothing but an Uncle Tom traitor and he had to die for it. His life didn’t matter because he was White on the inside.

“I don’t know why he died, but I’m really angry that my friend was sitting out on the sidewalk and enjoying the sunshine and somebody ambushed him,” a friend named Pia Lombardi told a local news outlet. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, police didn’t miss the fact that the deceased Black man was massacred against a backdrop of Trump supporting posters and slogans. They think that his politics just might have had something to do with his death. Police “are currently investigating whether Trammell was targeted because of his political beliefs.” They will probably decide it was a suicide.

Always something positive to say

To members of the Black community, Trammel was well-known for his business ventures as well as his political proclivities as a deplorable Trump fan. He would “reportedly campaign for the president and chat with locals in front of City Hall in downtown Milwaukee.” He wasn’t obsessed with promoting Donald Trump. “When you come around him, he always had something positive to say, whether it be religion, politics, or something like that,” friend Felix Ramsey Sr. recalls.”And it’s not that you had to agree with him. If you just listened to him, you would learn a lot. He was a good brother, good man.”

“He had diverse political beliefs and was also a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.” They weren’t much of a supporter of him. The police are still looking for their own backside with both hands and a flashlight and not finding anything. The brutal daylight murder is “still under investigation and the motive is still under determination as MPD is still seeking a suspect.”


A makeshift shrine has been set up as a tribute to Trammell near where he was ambushed, allegedly by Black anarchists. Friends plan a memorial later this week. For those wishing to donate, a GoFundMe account was set up to defray his funeral expenses.


  1. Where is the outrage? This is proof that the entire BLM movement is just a Marxist sham. Democrats are too consumed by hate to even be ashamed or embarassed by thier actions.

  2. Time to hear the truth about this . He was killed by delusional democrats pets … BLM … with some white boys thrown in the mix . Payed for by good old boy george ( kkk ) solo . If you think it wasn’t george and the delusional democrats that backed up the killing of him … you should be hit with a bag of dicks … big black dicks at that for being so stupid in life . Now are the delusional democrats going to let the police do their jobs and find the ones that kill for the delusional democrats ??? That’s the real question to ask . You know they can’t let that happen , it would come right back to them . So his death is for nothing but the real hate from racists blacks payed for by the delusional democrats . So don’t tell me BLM cause you already showed they don’t . Your killing your own people that you say matters . Money talks louder then actions . You sold your souls and now the delusional democrats own your ass’s . You know they won’t forget who you are and will hold you by the neck to use as they see fit . Or you will die the same way you killed Trammell . And the delusional democrats will just laugh about you dieing just like they are tremmells . Its so hard to understand why people turn blind eye to this . They belive the delusional democrats are right in everything they do . How can anyone be so stupid ???? As a deplorable I know trump isn’t a poster child for god and everyone . But he’s not sending pets out there killing anyone that doesn’t vote for him like the delusional democrats are . Doesn’t that matter to you or are you telling the world … YES IAM THAT STUPID …


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