Black Pastor Who Supports Trump Exposes Liberal Racism

This is way over the line.

Pastor Mark Burns

Pastor Mark Burns has come under considerable fire for his support of Donald Trump.

He will undoubtedly come under more fire after sending out a tweet of young children carrying out the racist sentiments of their liberal parents.

That’s Not Funny

Blackface these days is an absolute no-no.

Political careers have been destroyed because of it and Megyn Kelly was fired over it, but that is not stopping some liberals from using it to attack Trump.

Burns posted a photo on Twitter for what I am going to assume was Halloween costumes of three children.

One child was dressed in a phony MAGA hat mimicking a Trump gesture, while another child was dressed in blackface and chains…

The implication here is clear, but the delivery method is disgusting.


Using Children for Political Messaging

I am not sure how this new movement of using children to deliver harsh political messages became popular, but it needs to stop.

I am all for younger Americans becoming politically knowledgeable and active, but we still need to let our children be children and allow them to adapt their own ideology and more importantly, to simply enjoy their childhood.

There is little doubt all three of these children, who are clearly only in grade school, are spewing anti-Trump rhetoric about things of which they have no knowledge or understanding.

They are merely parroting what their parents are telling them to say and in this case, offending people in the process.

If blackface is racist, then how does anyone justify putting this child into blackface to take a cheap shot at Trump?

Liberals in this country are painting every conservative and every Trump supporter as racist, and that, as Pastor Burns stated, “is not ok.”


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