Black Mob Cheers as White Woman is Savagely Beaten During June-Teenth Chaos


A howling mob of Black savages brutally beat a helpless woman to a pulp for the crime of being White at their holiday celebration. Imperial Leader Joe Biden got exactly what he called for on “Juneteenth.”

A howling mob of savages

Mob insurrection broke out as planned in the Pier Village neighborhood of Long Branch, New Jersey. “In short, this day doesn’t just celebrate the past, it calls for action today” Biden declared as he signed the Imperial Palace Decree making June nineteen a federal holiday.

He got action all right. White Americans are still left wondering what’s so unspeakable about the number nine?

The mob was totally out of control and the police could barely force their way through the crowd to rescue a helpless citizen. Joe Biden is thrilled because to him, “Juneteenth represents not only the commemoration of the end of slavery in America more than 150 years ago, but the ongoing work to have to bring true equity and racial justice into American society.”

The way Antifa® funded Black Lives Matter™ troops interpret that statement is by considering it an order to kill all the White people.

What’s being generally described as “a predominantly Black mob” circled around and cheered as “a white woman was savagely beaten” in celebration of the nation’s first federal Juneteenth holiday. It didn’t take long at all to completely devolve into a riot. Police were forced to lock down the entire area. Frustrated local parents quickly started to complain about all their “children locked in businesses with no safe way of escape.”

Why do we have police if they can’t provide law and order to taxpaying citizens who obey the law? That’s exactly what the Imperial Palace wants you to wonder. That way, Biden can send in the FBI, Marshall’s Service, ICE, and Homeland Security to round up anyone who complains about protected Black Lives Matter™ free speech activities.

One fight after another

According to various reports, “numerous” fights broke out but the one that got everybody’s attention is the White woman’s brutal beating caught on viral video. “multiple black men and women” savagely attacked the unidentified female who is skinny for a lightweight and definitely no boxer. “The woman eventually bends down, unable to protect herself as the rioters struck her repeatedly.”

Instead of acting like civilized responsible citizens, many “other rioters stood around the scene, cheering on the attack.” One man in the mob is caught on tape shouting, “Say my name” as the woman is beaten. That’s a favorite propaganda slogan brainwashed into Antifa® brand “social justice” protesters.

Eventually, the police managed to fight their way through the mob to “form a ring of protection around the woman.” They quickly started to wonder who was going to come rescue them but managed to hold the crowd at bay long enough to evacuate the victim. “The assault victim’s name and condition have not been released.”

Instead of sending in the tanks and machine guns, police quickly responded by warning everyone to stay away. They weren’t about to even hint that they could guarantee anyone’s safety. The police couldn’t even count on saving themselves if things got ugly.

Local news source Ocean County Scanner advised people to stay away. “Police have area locked down due to riots in the area. Parents are reporting their children are locked in businesses they work in with no way out. Reports of police in riot gear trying to control the scene. Numerous fights involving police, and vandalism. Avoid the area.”

Lots of mob violence videos are swirling around the interweb depicting “a scene of violence, as rioters ravaged the city, oftentimes standing atop vehicles and dancing.” Heavily outnumbered cops “called in reinforcements from surrounding agencies and the state police, and eventually calm was restored to the area.” When all the Black people got tired of rioting and went home.


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