Billboards Go Viral, Warn ‘Enter at Your Own Risk


Travelers entering the city of Austin, Texas, on interstate highway I-35 are now being greeted with a stark warning, a matched pair of billboards boldly proclaiming, “Enter at Your Own Risk!” They might as well say, “Welcome to Thunder Dome.” The Austin Police department has been defunded, which means anarchy rules.

Police paid for the billboards

The Texas Municipal Police Association paid for two matching billboards. Both are along the main artery of I-35, one facing north and its companion south. “Austin Police Defunded, Enter At Your Own Risk!” This is not a joke or a publicity stunt.

Kevin Lawrence, the Executive Director for the association which sponsored the billboards, insists that “the safety of Austin citizens and visitors has never been more at risk from dangerous policies propagated by their own locally elected officials.” While the cops are furious with city leaders, the outrage stops at the Austin city limits. “We applaud Governor Abbott’s consideration of a legislative proposal that would put the control of the Austin Police Department under state authority.”

Just last week, Governor Greg Abbot suggested that he “would consider putting APD under control of the Texas Department of Public Safety. That move came right after the left-leaning Austin City Council “voted to cut $20 million from the department’s budget immediately.” The Governor pointed out that it isn’t fair and “called upon Texas to pledge not to defund police departments” but there isn’t a whole lot he can do. For now, they’ve resorted to billboards urging traveler’s to keep moving to a safer location before stopping for gas, food, or lodging.

Chief followed out the door by whole command staff

There aren’t any similar billboards in Rochester, New York, but there should be. On Tuesday, Police Chief La’Ron Singletary handed in his badge and walked out the door, leaving Mayor Lovely Warren wondering who would stop the night’s scheduled protests from turning into burning and looting. The second in command quit too. So did five others right on down the line. Welcome to anarchy, they called over their shoulders on the way out.



In Dallas, Police Chief Renee Hall quit, effective at the end of the year. She isn’t upset over funding cuts, she’s mad because her liberal policies didn’t work. Dallas won’t need any warning billboards because this means a shift back to allowing law enforcement to occur again. She followed the liberal party line and instituted reforms like changes on “who could authorize the use of tear gas and how to train for incidents involving mass arrests.” She threw out all the commanders who cracked down on crime to “transform the department to reflect 21st century policing by streamlining the department’s organizational structure to improve efficient work-flow between units, and strengthen effective policy processes.” The police abandoned the city in droves. Chief Hall can’t even staff enough patrol cruisers.

Patriotic Americans don’t need billboards to see that they’ve entered the Twilight Zone when they visit liberal cities. Conservatives are smart enough not to drink the liberal electric Kool-Aid. While it’s true that police have no right to break heads during a peaceful protest, as soon as someone throws a rock or breaks a window, “law enforcement is compelled to keep order.” If the police won’t enforce the law, episodes like what happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, have shown that Americans can and will take the law into their own hands if they’re forced to do it.


  1. Police in towns where the local govt. “defunds” them should simply go on strike, and not return until the *citizens* petition them to come back. Meanwhile, the police should warn the citizens on how to hire private security guards, and how to arm, train, and organize citizen militias to defend themselves. The citizens can then shoot rioters at their own discretion, and what will the govt. do about it? Call the cops to arrest them? Ho, ho, ho. Meantime, while the cops are on strike, they can moonlight as… armed security guards! Again, who’s the govt. going to call?

  2. Notice all those pushing to defund police departments are desirous of having their reign of terror and looting without interference or meddling of law enforcement. Then if the left disarms Americans, they can greatly enhance their yearly income devoting less hours to that task leaving plenty of time to kill, maim, destroy and terrorize. America is such a great and gullible country!

  3. It is criminal the way that the police officers in this nation are being treated and portrayed. There is no excuse for the abuse. The lies are easy to uncover if a person is willing to invest a few minutes. Most aren’t. They rather drink the kool aid and carry on. I firmly believe 99.99% of the officers in this nation are good, hard working decent people They are human so they have bad days like the rest of us but they are good people. It is that .01% that gets all the press. They have my support, plain and simple. I would stand with, beside, behind, in front of them any day. They have my respect because they earn it. It doesn’t get any more plain than that. I wish I had the skills to post the picture of my fence line, decorated in support of the men and women in blue. Blue ribbons the full span of my property, on each upright on my 4 board fence, one American flag with the blue line on one side of my driveway and the other holds Police Lives Matter in navy blue background with white lettering. I am a proud supporter of our police.

  4. Everyone in this country has a right to protect their lives and property. I believe there will be a huge uprising of the public and take these terrorists out themselves and when they do it there will be peace again because they will not allow it anymore. The public has had enough of these paid terrorists destroying their cities. Their will be large death tolls and will be the terrorists fault. BLM and Antifa will be gone!


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