Bikers, Babes, and Bikini’s…One of the Wildest Competitions EVER


Daytona, Florida is famous for hosting Bikers, Babes, and Bikini contests in what generally turns into one of the wildest competitions ever. This year, bikers from all across America were disappointed to learn that Biketoberfest had to be canceled because of Coronavirus restrictions. Even though you can’t be there in person to enjoy this year’s festivities, the miracle of the interweb makes it possible to review the highlights.

Bikers and Babes were canceled but there’s still bikinis

Motorcycle enthusiasts love to gather together and show off their bikes, while socializing with like minded folks who love America and the great outdoors, especially when seen from the saddle of a Harley Davidson. The fact that they get to look at a bunch of babes is only and added bonus.

Thousands were disappointed when Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry announced that they had been kicking around the possibilities of holding Biketoberfest with restrictions but “it’s a definitive no at this moment in time, unless things drastically turn around.” At least there are lots of babes in bikinis to watch on YouTube.

The fall event has a spring counterpart called Bike Week, that got them in trouble with Health officials. Together, they are “two of the biggest annual events in Daytona Beach, bringing in thousands of bikers — and dollars — to the World’s Most Famous Beach and its surrounding communities.” The spring Bike Week event is usually a lot bigger than Biketoberfest because that’s when they have the bikini contest and suntanned babes are everywhere. Held in March, “City businesses and event organizers took precautions, but the event went on as planned.”

Other motorcycle events disrupted

Organizers decided not to chance it for this fall, and canceled the event in an abundance of caution. Daytona Beach isn’t the only community impacted by the Wuhan Flu quarantine. Not only that, social unrest in liberal cities has added more concerns. Safety always takes priority over looking at hot babes, even for bikers.

Most bikers aren’t all that afraid for their safety, but event organizers don’t want to be held liable for the safety of Black Lives Matter protesters if they should decide to provoke something. Not only that, anarchy and violence scare the babes away.

The Leesburg BikeFest in Central Florida rescheduled it’s event for November and St. Pete Beach’s bike fest has been canceled. Panama City Beach is so far planning to go ahead with their fall event so its expected that will be the best place in the state for watching babes this fall.


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