Biden’s Pick for DOJ EXTREMELY RACIST…Against Any One Who is Not Black

racist kristen clarke DOJ biden

Fox News host Tucker Carlson broke a story on Monday night about controversial past comments about race science made by the woman that President-elect Joe Biden has nominated to be the head of the civil rights division. Kristen Clarke is a racist who thinks blacks are superior to whites. Just imagine if this was a white person saying this about blacks. She would be fired and canceled by the leftist mob!

Biden cabinet full of racist lefties

“Kristen Clarke is Joe Biden’s pick to run the Justice Department’s enormously powerful civil rights division. Clarke says her job is simple, it’s to end hate,” Carlson said. “But like so many in her world, Clarke is in fact an enthusiastic purveyor of what she claims to fight.”

“Clarke’s been on this show several times. A new investigation though by our reporters has uncovered shocking — and we don’t use that word lightly — legitimately shocking statements that Clarke made, in public, while at Harvard,” he continued. “In 1994, Clarke wrote a letter to the Harvard Crimson in her capacity as the president of the Black Students Association. Clarke wanted to explain her views on race science.”

Carlson read off the following quotes from Clarke:

“Please use the following theories and observations to assist you in your search for truth regarding the genetic differences between Blacks and whites.”

“One: Dr. Richard King reveals that at the core of the human brain is the ‘locus coeruleus,’ which is a structure that is Black, because it contains large amounts of neuro-melanin which is essential for its operation.”

“Two: Black infants sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than whites.”

“Three: Carol Barnes notes that human mental processes are controlled by melanin–that same chemical which gives Blacks their superior physical and mental abilities.”

“Four: Some scientists have revealed that most whites are unable to produce melanin because their pineal glands are often calcified or non-functioning. Pineal calcification rates with Africans are five to 15 percent, Asians 15 to 25 percent and Europeans 60 to 80 percent. This is the chemical basis for the cultural differences between Blacks and whites.”

“Five: Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities — something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.”

Democrats plans to destroy America

“Let that sink in. ‘Melanin endows black people with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities,’” Carlson continued.

“No, this isn’t an editorial from the Final Call, Louis Farrakhan’s free newspaper. It’s a direct quote from the person Joe Biden is about to put in charge of our country’s civil rights laws. Even at Harvard, crackpot theories like this were considered deranged and dangerous.”

“After an outcry on campus, Kristen Clarke suggested that she didn’t ‘necessarily’ believe what she had written. The Harvard Crimson, a left-wing paper, did not buy that explanation. ‘Well does she or doesn’t she?’ wrote the editors. ‘So far, she has given us every indication that she does.’”

Carlson also highlighted support that Clarke showed for a racist anti-Semite and said just last year “Clarke was fighting for the crudest kind of racial discrimination in college admissions.”

“This fall, she said it was quote, ‘madness’ for the federal government to take the side of Asian applicants, who had, provably, been denied college admission purely because of their skin color,” Carlson said. “But tough luck, as far as Kristen Clarke was concerned, those Asians didn’t have enough melanin and melanin is the key.”

“Speaking of madness, in a sane country, someone like Kristen Clarke would be under investigation by the civil rights division, not running it,” he said. “How crazy have we become? We’ll see if Clarke’s nomination gets to the U.S. Senate. If it does, we’re in serious trouble.”


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