Biden Team Signals U.S. to Offer Aid to Terrorist Organization


Joe Biden is coming under fire when it comes to his decisions that help terrorist groups such as the Taliban. Now someone in his team is making a disturbing offer that has more heads turning.

Biden Gives Handout to a Terrorist Group

The Biden administration’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan made a comment that showed that the administration is open to providing assistance to the Taliban who continue to terrorist the Afghan people.

On August 31, Sullivan said in an interview that the United States would continue to give money to the people of Afghanistan and originally said that the money would not be filtered through the terrorist group.

The Biden official claimed that the humanitarian assistance would mainly be given through the World Health Organization and the World Food Bank.

Administration’s Big Reveal

The bombshell came when Sullivan suggested that if the Taliban met certain conditions, then the United States would give them economic aid.

“It will be about whether they follow through on their commitments, their commitments to safe passage for Americans and Afghan allies, their commitment to not allow Afghanistan to be a base from which terrorists can attack the United States or any other countries,” he said. “…It’s going to be up to them and we will wait and see by their actions how we end up responding.”

Biden withdrew American troops rapidly out of Afghanistan even after he was strongly advised not to. This allowed the terrorist organization to completely take over the now shambled country.

The Taliban took over and now controls the airport in Kabul which has trapped Americans in the terrorist country without a way to escape.

Defending the Undefendable

Thirteen American soldiers recently lost their lives there but Biden claimed that his withdrawal was a success. When it came to his decision, Biden fiercely defended it.

“That was the choice, the real choice between leaving or escalating,” Mr. Biden said. “I was not going to extend this forever war.”

Now with Sullivan suggesting the United States is willing to work with the Taliban, some wonder if this was Biden’s plan all along.