Biden Support Nosedives in California

Joe Biden
Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson via Creative Commons License

Yes, I will be the first one to admit that Joe Biden is among the leaders in national polls.

The problem for Joe, though, is that he does not enjoy that same support in some key states.

One of those states is California, where Biden is struggling to stay ahead of the surging Pete Buttigieg.

Dropping Like a Lead Balloon

It seems as though every time we see Joe Biden on TV, he is notching up another gaffe.

Last week, he freaked out on a Hispanic voter because the man challenged him on immigrant deportations.

On Thursday, Joe dominated the news cycle when he went nose-to-nose with an Iowa man who wanted more information on Hunter Biden.

The more America sees of Joe Biden, the more they realize he is not the man for the job.


Losing Ground in Key States

As stated above, Joe Biden still holds the national lead, but it is very key states where he is lacking.

Iowa is a perfect example, where Biden is polling in fourth place, which is why he is spending so much time there right now, making two and three appearances a day (albeit to only a few dozen people at a time).

California is another state where Biden is struggling.

In a prior poll, Biden was among the leaders at 20 percent.

When US Berkeley Institute of Government Studies conducted its latest poll, Joe Biden has dipped all the way down to 14 percent.

At the top of the heap was Bernie Sanders, who is now getting 24 percent.

Just behind Sanders was Warren at 22. She also saw a major dip, having previously polled at 29 percent.

After Joe, Pete Buttigieg saw a massive surge all the way up to 12 percent from a mere six percent.

Biden is far from the shoo-in that we are being led to believe and once votes start to get cast, we are going to see that.

Biden may still win the nomination but if he does, it will be by the skin of his teeth.

And if he does win, make no mistake about it, We the People are going to rip him to shreds.


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