Biden Slammed for Running Hillary 2.0 Ad

Joe Biden Hillary 2.0
Photo via Joe Biden YouTube Video Screenshot

Joe Biden’s campaign has had more ups and downs than a roller coaster ride at Six Flags.

It would appear as though he is about to get hit with another downhill run after a new ad went public that has been dubbed “Hillary 2.0” by the conservative media.

Hillary 2.0

Joe Biden is continuing to press this “moral” angle that he loves so much, which is kind of ironic in and of itself.

After all, it is Joe Biden that has a son that is a deadbeat dad.

Among all the other problems Hunter Biden has right now, he is also stuck in a paternity suit with a former stripper over his illegitimate child.

Not only did Hunter initially deny it, now he is trying to block his financial records from being turned over so proper child support can be established.

It is actually rather shocking the mainstream media refuses to hit Joe Biden about this in a public forum.


Regardless, the new ad, which has been dubbed Hillary 2.0 by many media pundits already, continues to push the narrative that Donald Trump is poisoning the soul of our country.

Rather than discuss what Joe Biden can do, he is taking the same approach that Hillary took in telling everyone that he is NOT Donald Trump, so please vote for me.

More Misleading Statements from Joe

If you watched the video, you undoubtedly saw the white supremacist images he incorporated into his ad.

Biden continues to push the completely unproven and unwarranted racism angle against Trump.

Too many people have called Biden out for falsely stating Trump called Neo-Nazis “very fine people,” so Biden has now resorted to the imagery of it instead, but it is still a lie.

Joe Biden seems to tell more lies than truths these days… odd coming from a man on a No Malarkey Tour.

He has nothing to stand on his own, which is why he has resorted to nostalgia and fear-mongering in his ads.

Vote for me, because I am a better man than Trump.

Vote for me, because I can bring back the Obama days.

Hill.TV host Saagar Enjeti made these very points, slamming Biden for his lame ad.

Enjeti stated, “Joe Biden is giving these people absolutely zero reasons to change their calculus going into this election.

“Sure this anodyne message may be enough to win him the Democratic primary, but how is he supposed to either pull new voters into the process or energize anyone to combat those who drove out to vote for Donald Trump?”

This is nothing more than a desperate ad by a desperate man that will soon have the honor of being called the “three-time failed presidential candidate, Joe Biden.”