Biden Sinking Ship Campaign- Trump Hammers Final Nail in the Coffin


Biden ToastPresident Donald Trump Says His Ukraine Phone Call Is An Issue For The Biden’s

The allies of President Trump say the Democrats are using the president as a smoke screen to cover up unethical dealings of Joe Biden. The call in question occurred between the President and the newly sworn in President of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The GOP is certain that the spotlight on this call by the Democrats will illuminate Joe Biden’s illegal dealings with the Ukraine when he was the Vice President. Someone who is now known as the ‘whistle blower‘ notified Congress of the July phone call.

The allegations are that Trump was trying to get Zelensky to investigate the Biden family. The Democrats want a transcript of the phone call released ‘immediately’. Members of the Trump team have advised the President to release the transcripts saying ‘the call was proper’.

In 2014, when Biden was the Vice President he was very helpful to the Ukraine Govt, in assisting their interests against Russia. At the same time Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden,49, was hired by a gas company in the Ukraine. The hiring had more than a few eyebrows raised.

In April 2014 Hunter Biden Was Hired As A Paid Board Member Of Burmisa Holdings In The Ukraine

The owner and founder of the gas company is, Mykola Zlochevsky, who was a strong political supporter of the former president of the Ukraine. The former Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych, was forced out of office in 2014 due to massive protests. Joe Biden played a major role in implementing strong ties with the new President of the Ukraine.

Hunter Biden has denied all claims that he used his father’s position for anything improper. Joe Biden has publicly stated that he never talked to Hunter about his job with the gas company.


Hunter earned about 70k a month for his work with the gas company. He stayed in the job until 2019, and some say resigned due to the ongoing accusations. The most ominous accusations made against Joe Biden are that in 2016 he urged the Ukraine government to fire prosecutor Viktor Shoken

The Ukraine Prosecutor Was Investigating the Owner of Barmisa Holdings

Joe was the Vice President when he lobbied hard for the firing of Viktor Shoken, The current Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky much like Trump came into office with no prior political experience.

However, he promised during his campaign that he would get rid of all the corruption. In May Trump’s personal attorney former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani started to reach out to Zelensky to urge him to open an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden for wrong doing.

Mr. Trump alleged that Joe wanted the prosecutor fired because he was specifically investigating not only Burmisa holdings, but also Hunter Biden. The current prosecutor in the Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko, said he is not aware that Hunter Biden, or Joe Biden did anything Illegal.


  1. One would have to blind and deaf not to realize that William Jefferson Clinton, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., Barack Hussein Obama II (the illegal alien Muslim) and associates are ALL corrupted to the core. It is obvious they are ALL protected by the powerful Democratic National Committee. Otherwise, the murder of Vincent Foster and the 56 friends and associates of the Clinton’s who allegedly committed suicide within an eight year period, a federal investigation would have been in full swing. The Democratic Party are masters of corruption and full cover-up of their disciples. The Democratic Party is also masters of voter registration fraud.

    USAF (RET)


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