Biden Refuses Endorsement from Former Administration Official

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Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Over the last few days, Joe Biden has received a slew of endorsements.

However, in the case of James Comey, who served as the FBI Director during the Obama administration, Biden’s campaign tried to send it right back.

No Thanks, Jim

James Comey has gone about his business as usual after being disgraced and embarrassed by the IG report.

Prior to that report coming out, however, Comey usually had the support of the bulk of the Democrat party.

Comey also made it a habit to lecture the American public about Donald Trump.

Then, as it turned out, it was James Comey who broke all the rules.

On Super Tuesday, Comey decided to send out a tweet to back Biden, no doubt thinking he would make himself relevant again by doing so.

My best guess is that he hoped Joe Biden’s campaign would see it and send him a thank you, boosting his profile back into prominence.

Sadly, for Comey, it did not quite go down that way…

Can you imagine having your endorsement thrown right back in your face like that?

Thanks, Joe!

Without knowing it, Biden’s campaign just gave us a bombshell.

Remember, Comey was Biden’s FBI Director and Biden has always stated his administration has never had a scandal.

Yet, here is Joe, openly dissing a former high-ranking DOJ official from his watch.

Did Joe just imply that perhaps Comey did do something wrong, that he did deserve to be fired?

That, of course, is an assumption on my part, but it sure seems that way from where I am sitting!

Trump will be able to use this moving forward and I am sure he will.

All I know is I am very much looking forward to seeing Biden wear down as this campaign continues to play out and looking forward even more to seeing Biden and Trump face off in a debate.

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