Biden Family Member Breaks Silence…FINALLY Speaks the Truth


A member of the Biden family is breaking their silence and saying that the Democratic presidential nominee is “too old for the job.”

Runs in the Family?

A cousin to the notorious Democrat, Ralph Biden, did not realize he was related to Joe Biden until The Times approached him with the information.

Ralph Biden is a 74-year-old British retired graphic designer. He is a distant cousin to the former United States vice president and is currently residing in Surrey.

When Ralph was asked if his cousin Joe should be elected as the leader of the free world, his answer might be surprising to some.

Sleepy Joe Biden Too Old

“In my heart of hearts he’s a little bit too old for the job, but then again Winston Churchill was about the same age when he was elected again after the war and he didn’t do a bad job, so who knows,” Ralph said.

Ralph also added that, if elected, Joe Biden would inherit a country that will be “horribly divided”.

“It’s got to be a very high-pressure job and the buck stops in the Oval Office, he’s going to inherit a country that’s going to be horribly divided,” Ralph said.


Ralph had previously considered that the former VP could be a distant family member. “I thought I could be related to him when Joe Biden became Vice President but I didn’t really think it and just joked with a friend about it – that I was a distant cousin several times removed,” he said.

Family Affair

On a less serious note, Ralph joked that he hopes he would be invited to the White House if his famous cousin does win the 2020 presidential election.

“Come on, distant cousin is hardly closely related but it’s quite fun to know that you are related to the possible president of the USA,” he added.

The Sun reports that “Ralph and Joe are related through their great, great, great-grandfathers James and William. They are fourth or fifth cousins.”


  1. Joe Biden has 2 strikes against his being a good president.
    1. He is weak and the presidency does not allow such men to perform well.
    The last weak man we had for president was George Bush. Power does not allow weakness.
    Stronger men come in to fill the vacuum. With Bush it came in the form of Dick Cheney and his gang of
    five. A number of bad things happened such as war in the Middle East and the banking crash of .08.
    2. He is already owned by both Russia and China, our two most threatening super powers.
    These two things together create a dangerous condition.


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