Biden Facing Major Backlash After Betraying His Promises to Mindless Liberals


Imperial Leader Biden has some really ticked off liberal fans these days. He should have skipped the CNN Town Hall propaganda show because His Wisdom and the crumbling administration have been kicked around for it all week. One of the things he botched was taken as a betrayal by all the mindless liberals expecting to have their student loans canceled like the Constitution.

Biden won’t do that

When the subject of “student debt forgiveness” came up at last week’s CNN Town Hall he told Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren they were smoking too much happy weed when they came up with the fiscally irresponsible idea of using an Imperial Palace Decree to wipe away “up to $50,000 in student debt from all borrowers.”

Put the pipe down, Biden advised. “I will not make that happen.” 50k sounds like heavy bread and there’s only so much free stuff to go around. He’s okay with canceling out $10,000 of debt though. “What!” Liberals scream. “I want more!”

When it comes right down to it the difference between wiping out 10k and 50k isn’t nearly as significant as the impact on future generations of any such program. The new Modern Monetary Theory is supposed to have an answer for that.

It says that inflation just magically disappears but nobody can quite explain how that happens in practice. It didn’t seem to help Venezuela any. Joe Biden doesn’t understand economics that well but he knows when something sounds expensive. The difference it seems is all about the politics.

Imperial Leader Biden “don’t like the optics of canceling a figure they’ve arbitrarily determined to be ‘a lot.'” The way Joe Cool put it, He didn’t want to cancel debt from people who went to “Harvard, Yale, and Penn.” He didn’t make any friends with Ivy League alums with that remark.

As The Nation notes, “Bashing Ivy League schools is always a cheap way to drum up anti-elitist energy, but here the laugh line is devoid of intellectual rigor.” The mindless masses only care about the cash. His Wisdom “evidently has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to student debt.”

A windfall for Harvard grads

One of the things that they are supposed to teach you when you attend an institute of higher learning is how to think and reason properly. His Wisdom Joe Biden must have skipped those classes. People who actually study economics say that the math doesn’t work out when you consider the Ivy league schools aren’t full of loan burdened students.

In a strange and twisted way, it turns out that “$10,000 of federal loan forgiveness would be a windfall for Harvard grads and other graduates of elite institutions, and not be much good for a lot of other people.”

The Biden scheme, no matter how much gets thrown into it, “will go disproportionately to graduates of color. That’s because student debt, like everything else in this country, hits Black and brown people harder.”

Brookings Institute says so. Their “study found that Black students owe $7,400 more in debt than their white counterparts upon graduation, but that figure balloons to Black graduates owing $25,000 more debt than white graduates, tripling the gap between them, just four years after graduation.”

That doesn’t take into consideration the fact that not everybody graduates. Biden doesn’t seem to realize that “almost 40 percent of student borrowers don’t get their degree.”

That means they’re flipping burgers while drowning in debt load. The liberal ones are flipping out because they expected his wisdom to cancel out the payments.


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