Biden Does One of the Dumbest Things of His Career

Biden Does One of the Dumbest Things of His Career

In one of the dumbest moves of his 47 year career in politics, Joe Biden has decided that appeasement and lifting sanctions is more important than having leverage over Iran in his attempt to reinstate the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal.

According to reporting by One America News, “Critics are now accusing the Biden administration of wasting diplomatic leverage as they continue to lift sanctions on Iran despite the country continuing to ramp up uranium enrichment efforts.”

In early June, it was reported that the Biden administration had begun lifting sanctions on various Iranian officials and national Iranian oil companies. Many political strategists assumed that this was an attempt to improve the price of oil and to regain momentum on stalled nuclear agreement talks with Iran.

Alongside these possible motives, the ultimate goal of the Biden administration’s appeasement and lifting of sanctions is to convince Iran to stop increasing its uranium enrichment levels.

Of course, any sane person knows that this strategy will have the opposite effect, as it gives Iran more power and funding to continue their quest for the eradication of anyone who opposes them.

Iran proved this fact just this past week, as the country informed the United Nations nuclear watchdog that they will be enriching uranium to 20 percent for nuclear reactor energy fuel.

One America News notes, “The problem is: nuclear reactor fuel only requires a 3 to 5 percent enrichment, not 20. The only reason Iran would enrich to 20 percent is because they are on their way to achieving the 90 percent enrichment needed for weapons grade uranium.”


It is obvious what Iran’s goal is, as they aren’t trying to hide their hatred for the United States. Recently, a general in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard said that America is and will always be an enemy of Iran.

During a recent broadcast on Iran’s Noor TV, General Amir Ali Hajizadeh openly stated that U.S. foreign policy is ineffective.

“If the enemy had had the power and ability to stop these things, it would have done so. Why is the enemy begging us? Wherever the enemy can do these things rather than beg, it does so,” Hajizadeh said, also noting that he hopes one day the tables will turn, so Iran could impose sanctions on the U.S.

The world is laughing at us, thanks to Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline. Now, our enemies are no longer afraid of retaliation or consequences for their actions because of Biden’s ineffective foreign policy. All of this puts the United States in a dangerous position internationally, but the Democrats don’t care as long as they hold the power. They are too busy on their ‘white-supremacist’ witch hunt.