Biden Called Out for Obama-Era Immigration Policies by Hispanic Voter during Town Hall

Joe Biden Loses His Cool

Joe Biden does not like to be corrected or confronted in any way.

When you criticize him, his reputation has always been that he gets angry and quite nasty.

Well, the voters of South Carolina got a nice taste of that during a recent Town Hall in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Vote for Trump

A Hispanic voter stood to ask Biden a question about deportations.

The man apparently has no intention of ever voting for Trump, but he wanted assurances that Joe Biden would halt illegal immigrant deportations as well as family separations.

The man, reported to be Carlos Rojas, then called out Biden for the “three million people that were deported” during the Obama administration.

Biden completely lost his cool, telling the man he should “vote for Trump.”

Meet Joe Biden

I have never been shy about my opinion of Joe Biden.

I do not like the man one bit because I believe he is a complete hypocrite on so many levels.

The fact that Biden was not willing to listen to this man in a public forum, then openly taunted him should be cause for concern for Democrat voters, though.

It just shows how impatient Biden is as well as the fact he NEVER wants to be called out for his failures.

Rojas had his facts right and while Biden will not admit it, the Obama administration built those cages Democrats rail about all the time.

During that Town Hall, Biden said the administration stopped separating families, but they were doing it!

Biden’s record is weak, which is why I would personally love for him to be the nominee.

He thinks he will crush Trump, but I say we will crush him.

I can only imagine the possibilities that having a presidential candidate that is the father of a deadbeat dad offers us during the campaign season.


    • In other words, we should most likely never vote for a democrat. There may still be a few good ones out there, but the odds are against it. As an Independent, I can say it has been a long time since I found a democrat I could vote for.

  1. Helen, they do it all the time. Clinton as an example, Schiff of Pasadena Ca., Pelosi of Northern Ca., Bernie Sanders, a known communist and a telling that the people of Vermont are either communists or to lazy to write someone in vs Sanders., the list of the democratic candidates are just a joke, but look at the people supporting them every day.


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