Biden And George Soros Roll Out ‘Emergency Action Plan’ Against Trump


It seems the Deep State had to wake “sleepy” Joe Biden up to the latest “emergency action plan,” he’s off to a late start. It’s obvious that Biden’s master yanked his chain to get his attention because there was a sudden 180 in the contender’s public position. Joe Biden just began rolling out the talking points which George Soros handed down over a week ago. Somehow, the memo to attack President Trump’s response to the coronavirus threat slipped off Biden’s desk.

Soros plan now officially in action

George Soros thought he had a plan that even Joe Biden couldn’t screw up. He assigned him the task of acting like an arm-chair quarterback, to second-guess President Donald Trump’s actions. All Biden had to do was fantasize about what might have been, if he waved a magic wand from the safety and comfort of his living room, and he blew it. The grass roots activists at MoveOn are making him look bad as a progressive.

“We’ve decided to take emergency action,” MoveOn wrote to their minions. “It’s infuriating but true: The coronavirus crisis is helping Trump politically.” Worse yet, “voters are rallying to their leader, while Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have almost completely disappeared from the news.”

It’s easy for Joe Biden to act like he has all the answers, simply because he isn’t in the hot seat. The truth is that Biden was not in charge, so nobody knows what really would have happened. Until recently, Biden felt the same way. He frequently admitted the government bureaucracy “bore responsibility for the government’s handling of the crisis,” and “Trump was not to blame.” Soros put in a call to Biden’s campaign manager and that’s been straightened out.

The plan is simple, deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield writes. “If Donald Trump had listened to Joe Biden, fewer Americans would be dying, losing loved ones, losing their jobs, or losing their retirement savings.” Whether that’s true or not isn’t even a factor to the Democrats. That’s the story and they want everybody sticking to it like glue from now until November.


Blame it all on Trump

Democrats love to hate President Trump so they’re all in favor of the latest plan. Coronavirus may be a global crisis, they admit, but Donald Trump is a liberal crisis which they might be able to do something about, if they whine hard enough. “South Korea, Canada and Germany” did things so much better they complain. None of the liberals have any serious intention to move to any of those countries though. Instead, they’ll just blame Trump for all the “unimaginable pain and suffering.”

Biden has been stuck at home in his Delaware basement trying to figure out how social media and video conferencing works, so he hasn’t had much time for campaigning. Now that the Socialist revolution has been quelled, Biden thought he could ease off a little to recuperate. He’s starting to get a little nervous that Andrew Cuomo is getting more face time on television than he is these days.

While Joe socially-distances himself from his voters, the staff is on the job putting the four step plan into action. Bedingfield kept it simple enough for even Joe Biden to follow along.

“(1) The Chinese government: He praised its leader and did not fight anywhere near hard enough to get the facts.”

“(2) Cover-up: He denied and downplayed the danger.”

“(3) Chaos: His mismanaged response did not get us ready.”

“(4) Corporate favoritism: He dithered when it came to using the Defense Production Act to require companies to produce tests and medical gear (and is still refusing to use it much at all — plus, his bailout favors big companies and those with special access over small businesses).”

President Trump doesn’t trust Xi Jinping as far as he can throw him, however they are both world leaders and diplomacy requires smiling at your enemy from time to time, while behind the scenes there’s a cage match going on. That’s the case here and it’s all going according to plan.

As far as a “cover-up,” Trump didn’t downplay any danger, he criticized the media’s fake coverage. Of course, there was chaos. We were hit with a Pearl Harbor style attack that caught every government in the world off guard, even the Chinese who created the problem.

Regarding the Defense Production Act, our president rightfully holds back using restrictive government authority in favor of voluntary cooperation. He can’t help it if the best companies to help with the current crisis happen to have conservative management.

Trump campaign manager Tim Murtaugh pushed back with a statement. “While the President is leading the nation in a war against the coronavirus, Joe Biden has decided to play the opposition in that war. He would rather score political points against President Trump than anything else. It used to be that we would unite as a country in times of crisis, but Biden has thrown that principle out the window.”


  1. You know George has a hand in all this . These no way this many congress members would go this far to kill their chances of being in office after this election . They won’t need anything , their already set up in life


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