BEWARE: Groups Scamming Trump Donors with Bogus Ads/Sites

Trump Scam Ads
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Dark money groups have found a new way to try to defeat Trump.

Groups that are not affiliated with the Trump campaign in any way are copying ads and brands to solicit donations from Trump supporters.

The Election Scam

Fundraising by Trump and the GOP during this race has been impressive, but it could be significantly better.

According to a recent report, as much as $45 million has been donated to bogus sites pretending to be affiliated with Donald Trump.

Supporters think their money is going to Trump but it ends up going to some dark money organization that has nothing at all to do with his campaign.

These groups will use recordings of Trump’s voice to solicit donations via robo-calls as well as creating online ads mimicking Trump campaign slogans and ads.

The groups are using names like the “MAGA Coalition” and “Latinos for the President.”

These groups are targeting smaller donors who generally give $200 or less.

The intent is clear… for such a little amount, who is going to raise a big stink, right?

The ONLY SuperPAC that is legit for sure is the America First SuperPAC.

It’s spokesperson, Kelly Sadler, recently stated, “There’s nothing we can do to stop them.

“This is a problem for the campaign, as well as us, as well as for the RNC.”

The Trump campaign has also released a statement about the donation scams.

The campaign stated, “President Trump’s campaign condemns any organization that deceptively uses the President’s name, likeness, trademarks, or branding and confuses voters.

“There is no excuse for any group, including ones run by people who claim to be part of our ‘coalition,’ to suggest they directly support President Trump’s reelection or any other candidates.

“We encourage the appropriate authorities to investigate all alleged scam groups for potential illegal activities.”

For those of you considering donating, we would advise donating directly through Trump’s website.

Otherwise, your money could be going to some nefarious account rather than to benefit Trump’s campaign.