Beto O’Rourke Exploits Mass Shootings, Then Quickly Receives a Dose of Karma


Beto O’Rourke Confronted At A Campaign Stop In Aurora Colorado

Beto O’Rourke continues to upset gun owners with his bold plan to confiscate guns if elected president. Colorado mother Lauren Boebert, was at that campaign stop, and challenged O’Rourke on his controversial gun stance.

O’Rourke during the Democratic Debate in Houston earlier this month, unveiled his plan. The line, ‘hell yes’ is what the former Texas lawmaker said about taking back guns from gun owners. Boebert, who lives in Rifle, Colorado traveled almost 200 miles to be at the campaign event. She said, “hell no, no you’re not” regarding O’Rourke’s promise to confiscate guns like AR-15’s.

O’Rourke has tried to explain the difference between confiscation and his plan. He said ‘his plan is a buy-back of AR-15’s and other weapons like it. The government buying back these weapons from the gun owners. He explained everyone will be fairly compensated for their gun.

O’Rourke also said once the law is in affect, ‘people will willingly comply with the law’. He spoke at ‘Aurora City Hall’ across the street from where the Aurora Movie Shooting occurred. Boebert told O’Rourke that trying to guns away from gun owners, ‘is legislating evil’. She said that it’s not the gun but the heart of the man that pulls the trigger.

Boebert Said She Has Guns For Self Defense Of Herself & Her Children

Lauren Boebert appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ to further discuss her feelings about O’Rourke’s plans. She said, “Well I heard that Beto was coming to my state of Colorado to talk about gun control.

I heard what he had so to say about taking away our Second Amendment rights. I just wanted to go down there and reverse his statement. Because I’m sure that is every gun owning American’s immediate response to his ‘hell yes’.

It’s hell no from law abiding gun owners in America.” O’Rourke thinks that everyone is willing to embrace his gun buy back program, due to all of the mass shootings. Boebert was asked her opinion on that, on whether or not gun owners are willing to support his plan. The mother of four said, “that is absolutely false, and honestly shame on him for coming to Colorado to expound upon our tragedies”.

Colorado Mother Accuses Beto O’Rourke Of Exploiting Mass Shootings For His Political Gain

“that is our tragedy’s, our victims, and he came here to paint a picture for his own campaign trail. Shame on you sir, for doing that, we were here, we experienced those losses. That was a community loss. Those victims were defenseless, Those were criminals that did those deadly acts, and by definition criminals do not obey the law. Any type of buy back program would be designed to punish law abiding gun owners. There is no legislation that can stop the evil of someone’s heart. If he has a desire to harm someone, he will find a way to do that. If they have that desire to cause harm, it will be done, no matter what weapon they use”.

Lauren Boebert


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