‘Best Buy’ Delivery Man Bludgeons Elderly Woman To Death…What he Does Next is Horrific

Best Buy

The Family Of Evelyn Udell Of Boca Raton, Florida Are Suing ‘Best Buy’ For Wrongful Death

A 76 year old woman, Evelyn Udell of Boca Raton,Florida, was murdered in her own home in August. Udell was found unconscious, and was rushed to the hospital where she died of her injuries.

Evelyn Udel was bludgeoned to death by a man that was delivering a washing machine that she had purchased at ‘Best Buy’. Udell was found in the laundry room of her home, and had been attacked and killed by the delivery man, Jorge Luis Dupre Lachazo,21.

According to the arrest report, Lachazo and another man arrived at Udell’s home to deliver the washing machine. The other man walked outside to make a phone call, and suddenly heard screaming coming from the home. The second man walked inside to discover Lachazo covered in blood and Udell lying on the floor obviously battered.

Lachazzo ran outside and made his getaway in the delivery truck. A 911 call was made, and Lachazzo was seen driving out of the neighborhood, and promptly arrested. Police indicated the suspect was covered in blood, sweating and shaking.

The Suspect Doused The Victim With A Chemical And Set Her On Fire While She Was Still Alive

According to the official police report, Lachazo used some type of mallet to deliver the blows that eventually killed Udell. After which he went to her garage and found a chemical that he used to set Udell on fire.

It was then that she started screaming, and the other delivery person heard her screams. Lachazzo set the victim on fire while she was still alive. When police took Lachazzo into custody they said that his legs looked like they were in a fire, and he had ash all over his pants.

Lachazzo who lives in Hialeah, Florida admitted to beating and setting Udell on fire, he said he was high on cocaine at the time. He has been charged with first degree murder, and will be eligible for the death penalty if he’s found guilty.

Udell’s Loved Ones Filed A Wrongful Death Suit Against ‘Best Buy’ For Not Running A Background Check On The Delivery Driver

According to a civil suit filed on Friday by the family of Udell, ‘Best Buy’ contracted the delivery men from another company. Neither company ran a criminal background check on Lachazzo.

This is ‘a person that had access to the homes of the weak and elderly’ the lawsuit says. Udell had worked for several years at Florida Atlantic University Libraries. Her family said she was a young active 76 year old, that had a full vibrant life.

She traveled quite a bit, and enjoyed time with her friends and family. Udell’s family said, that her 77th birthday was the week after she was killed. The family noted that ‘Evelyn was looking forward to spending her golden years with her children, grandchildren and wide circle of friends’.

Furthermore, the family said ‘all of that was taken away from her and us, it’s a tragedy for all who knew and loved her’. Lachazzo had a criminal background, and did not even have a valid driver’s license. The public defender’s office who are presenting Lachazzo had no comment on the pending trial.



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