Bernie Sanders Just Flipped

Bernie Sanders
Photo Courtesy of Matt Johnson via Creative Commons License

Radical socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders declared his intense support for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

2020 Election is Looming Closer

The senator said he first will focus on defeating President Trump in the 2020 presidential election and then he wants to promote his extreme progressive agenda if Biden is elected, the Hill reported. 

Sanders was once a presidential candidate himself before dropping out. He appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union,” encouraged his supporters to vote Trump out of the White House.

“My message to our supporters is we have got to do everything that we can to defeat Donald Trump, who I view as the most dangerous president in American history,” Sanders said.

“And then what we have to do the day after we elect Joe Biden as president we got to rally our people to stand up and fight for an America that works for all and not just the few,” he added. “And that absolutely includes Medicare for All.” 

Sanders Hates Wall Street

CNN host Jake Tapper brought up a Wall Street Journal op-ed called “Wall Street sighs with relief” after Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris was named as Biden’s running mate.

“If Wall Street breathes a sigh of relief with Kamala Harris being named to the ticket, what does Bernie Sanders do?” Tapper asked.

“What Bernie Sanders is going to do is do everything that I can to defeat Donald Trump, to elect Joe Biden,” Sanders said in response. 

“And after the Democrats have control of the Senate and the House, and Joe is the president, we’re gonna do all that we can to mobilize people for a progressive agenda,” he added.

Democrats Scary Progressive Agendas Gain Steam

Sanders’ radical progressive ideologies have infiltrated in modern-day American society. The left has consistently gone more left and Biden along with his running mate Harris both spew rhetoric that follows Sanders’ socialist beliefs.

The anti-American politicians are running on a platform of anti-capitalism, anti-religious freedom, and wanting Medicaid and free education for all.


  1. Bernie has been a communist for many years. It is indicitive of the DNC that they let him run under the DNC flag even though he is not even nor has he ever been a party member, at least not that Party. Bernie is a member of the Communist Party and has been for years. By letting a rotten apple slither in among other Democrats the entire party has become infected. Now they are the Democrat Communist party. This is so strange, because the Communist party does and never has held the interest or support of a majority of American. People

  2. The most dangerous president in the history of our beloveed country would be bernie who will together with bananabama be behind biden like ventriloquists telling him what to say and do.

  3. If the Democrats win, we will soon have what they accuse Trump of wanting. American masses ruled by Democrat elites. We got a taste of it under Obama, and it continued when Trump got nominated with the corrupt, phony impeachment attempt of Trump. Leftists always accuse their enemies of wanting what they want themselves.

  4. Take all these Communist assholes and put them in Gitmo, Never to return on American soil! Bernie if you love the communist party, then move to Russia, where you can live out your socialist dream. You are a damn mental case.

  5. Bernie is free to move to Cuba or better North Korea, no one would stop him, some would help him pack up and chip in for a one way ticket and he can just leave his American Citizenship here.

  6. Bernie Sanders needs to get out of the spotlight and just sit in his Rocking Chair. He is an old washedup politican who has been inWashingtonTOO long. Get rid of him . Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the DEMORATS this fall. All are a worthless bunch of Brainless IDIOT Comminists.


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