Barron Trump DISASTER… Trump Family STUNNED

Barron and Melania Trump
"White House Christmas" by US Department of State is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Barron Trump had been selected as a Florida GOP at-large delegate for the Republican National Convention.

I admitted at the time that I did not think this was a good idea, for several reasons.

Now it is being reported that Barron has turned down the appointment, and believe me, for his sake, this is a very good thing.

Take Your Time, Barron

If Barron likes politics, as his father said, that is great, but now is not the time for that young man to jump into this arena.

His mother has painstakingly protected him from the media, but the moment he dips his toes in this water, he becomes fair game.

And believe me, the leftist media want nothing more than to attack this young man and ruin his life.

The fact the entire Trump family is already serving as electors is bad enough, as this simply is not a good look for the party or the state of Florida.

As a matter of fact, Conservative commentator Peter Henlein has already discussed this.

He recently stated, “Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Kim Guilfoyle, and shockingly Barron Trump have all been named as at large delegates to the RNC convention by the Florida GOP.

“This is wrong. The party has to be about more than just the Trump family.

“Keep this stuff up and Florida will be back to being a purple state in no time.”

I know Trump supporters will love seeing this at the convention, but this is all about big-picture stuff and not arming the liberal media with fodder to use against the party or Donald Trump.

Barron, you made the right decision by bowing out. Or, more likely, Melania Trump put her foot down and said he was not going to do it.

If you want to enter politics, more power to you, but let your father have his time now, and get in the game later when you will not be overshadowed by him and attacked by the media and Democrats for merely having the last name “Trump.”